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10 PASSIVE INCOME ideas (to MAKE MONEY while you sleep)

These 10 passive income ideas to make money while you sleep should get you started thinking about what would be best for you. Making money while you sleep is the best kind. If you can try these passive income ideas you might get find financial freedom sooner.

Receiving passive income has been my goal and knowing I can make money while I am asleep is amazing.

Don’t forget to watch to the end on how I like to help people save more money. (& this is the link as mentioned : )

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Hi, I’m Shireen – I live in Brisbane, Australia and on my channel you’ll find me talking about my minimalist life, how I find happiness with less, becoming debt free and financially independent. I’d love to chat, so if you want to know more, leave me a comment.
I created this channel to inspire people to become financially independent through applying easy stress free strategies in real life. I have found financial freedom and couldn’t be happier. I want to share everything I know with you so you can create a life you love!
I create videos once a week to help you go from less than 0 to 100k and beyond! I believe 1 million is within your reach without the get rich schemes.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor or professional. The ideas presented in this video are for entertainment purposes only. All content and information on this channel is for informational and educational purposes only, does not constitute professional advice of any kind and does not establish any kind of professional-client relationship by your use of this website. A professional-client relationship with you is only formed after we have expressly entered into a written agreement with you that you have signed including our fee structure and other terms to work with you in a specific matter. Although we strive to provide accurate general information, the information presented here is not a substitute for any kind of professional advice, and you should not rely solely on this information. Always consult a professional in the area for your particular needs and circumstances prior to making any professional, legal, financial or tax related decisions.

FTC Legal Disclaimer – Some links found in the description box of my videos may be affiliate links, meaning I will make commission on sales you make through my link. This is at no extra cost to you to use my links/codes, it’s just one more way to support me and my channel! 🙂

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Nicki Clarke

    Hi Shireen, another video with interesting, thought provoking ideas. I’d never heard of peer-to-peer lending before, I am going to look into that some more.
    I really like your videos – a local voice is very welcome – and how you come up with really creative ideas. Your resources are really useful too. I enjoyed the 5 day challenge and am looking forward to doing the 30 day challenge too. Not sure I can save $1000 on my income in a month, but I don’t mind trying!

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