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$15,000 Mac Pro vs $5000 Custom PC for Video Editing

Twice as fast for 1/3 of the cost? Let’s see how AMD stacks up in REAL WORLD Video Editing in Premiere Pro & Davinci Resolve!

Learn how to build your own MacRipper ➡
CHECK our full comparison ➡
Afterburner detailed video ➡

⬇️Parts links on Amazon and B&H ⬇️
Case ➡
AMD 3790X (SALE) ➡
CPU Cooler for 32 Cores ➡
Motherboard ➡
Thunderbolt 3 Card ➡
2080Ti Graphics Card (crazy cooler) ➡
Power Supply ➡
My preferred thermal paste choice ➡

Alternatives on Amazon and B&H ⬇️
Air cooler for 32 Core Threadripper ➡
Liquid CPU Cooler ➡
SSD that’s $50 cheaper and can use the ssd cover ➡
$300 cheaper motherboard ➡
EPIC power supply ➡

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  1. so mac is loser pc who cost half price of mac have same performance at video editing and better in gaming streaming recording and in 3d software like blender or maya so who will still buy mac ? nobody should I guess

  2. The main thing that always draws me back to Mac is the long term value. I still use a 12 y/o Mac Pro that keeps up with most gaming PCs brand new. Every PC I have had has ran into problems within 2-3 years after purchase. I am looking forward to investing in another 12 year Mac Pro now that they have abandoned the trash can and went back to the cheese grater.

  3. Hello Max!
    I loved this film. Why? Because, finally, someone demonstrated with real examples, the difference between a spec sheet and real world performance, which has a lot more to it than numbers.
    For future films I have a suggestion: put Avid Media Composer in the treats. It's what I use for my work. And I'd be very interested to know how it behave in several system scenarios.
    Thank you!

  4. I don’t see that thread ripper water cooled system working for 99.99% of the people without issues for 3+ years. In my experience always something fails.

  5. Pretty excited on NVENC encoding in Premiere Pro was shown in beta. Shows promising results by Puget Systems. Once it comes out of beta can you do a comparison of it? 🙂

  6. Here's an idea for a comparison, get the Radeon Pro W5700X MPX module for the Mac and a Radeon Pro W5700X for the Threadripper system. Get rid of the Afterburner card from the Mac and do a test. Or put it in your MacRipper for an almost Apples to Apples test.

  7. So in other words, AMD is not high-end as it’s been seen since Windows 95 days. AMD squeaked our some leads here and there but then remember, to do that … it was 32!!! Cores vs 12. I cannot understate how terrible AMD chips perform that it needs 32 cores to sometimes beat an Intel 12 core CPU. One thing I do not understand …. why Apple does not stick with NVidia for graphics which are clearly superior. Maybe NVidia doesn’t play nice with building custom spec cards for Apple … also Adobe sucks lol almost as bad as Windows except for gaming.

  8. Seems like people prefer DaVinci Resolve over Adobe Premiere Pro, but what about Avid Media Composer? What are people's thoughts on it?

  9. Hey Max. Some of your links aren't working. Also how would the parts change if I were to do a 16 core instead? Just trying to decide if I should just build my own PC instead of going to a Mac Pro.

  10. Watch GamerNexus's review on those Enermax water coolers. They have a few issues like gunk buildup. You might have to swap out that cooler eventually.

  11. It's wierd on the 3970X comes out as the best CPU for Premiere. The MacPro should be slower with this CPU. The only difference is the OS, but although MacOS uses a lot less overhead, these are some wierd results. Also the W5700X is not as fast a 2080Ti. It's just a 5700X with double the VRAM.

    Also it's a bit wierd that you want to export Prores from Resolve. Why not use the Blackmagic codec?

  12. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
    If I understand it correctly from other sources, BlackMagic uses it's own h.264 & h.265 encoder and decoder API, also for NVenc hardware acceleration and not just calls NVenc via driver.
    And this is why rendering with NVenc in Davinci Resolve can look so good.

  13. In the end the only thing that matters (to him) is "I run Final Cut, I like Mac OS. My business is based on it."

    But most of the Mac's wins are because Adobe has for years optimised for Intel, and Mac OS has always been more efficent than Windows. Software, not the hardware.

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