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3 tips to improve your silhouettes – Photography for beginners.

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We are going to take your silhouettes from average to awesome so stay tuned right to the end of this video for all three tips.

Hi Photographers, Welcome to Easy Camera Lessons. Photographs have the power to evoke emotions and tell stories and we want to help you get out there and tell your stories with your camera.

We think silhouettes are really interesting photographs because when you look at a really amazing one you can tell instantly what is going on even though there is no detail in the subject. It’s basically just a shape , it’s a black shape against a background.

Shape is a really powerful visual tool and we are going to be doing some more videos later on, on how you can use shape in your photography.

Okay so the reason we are at the beach today and to be honest the reason why you see so many silhouettes taken at beaches is the BIG SKY.

It’s a big clear background and thats perfect for taking silhouettes. That’s our first tip, clean backgrounds. Make sure you have a really clean background when you are taking a silhouette. This will help your shape really stand out.

The next thing you need to remember when you are taking really amazing silhouettes is that the shape that you tae the silhouette of needs to be really easily recognisable , the more easily recognisable the shape the more immediate impact your photograph will have.

So you’ve got a really easily recognisable shape, it’s on a nice clean background and the last thing you need to remember that’s really important is make sure it’s super sharp. Make sure the edges of the shape are really nice and crisp and this will make your shape stand out more on it’s background.

So to do this make sure you are focused on the shape , not something else in the background. Just so the shape is really nice and clear in your silhouette.

So there you go you’ve learnt a really easy technique that you can use to tell great stories with your photograph.

This is a cool thing to have in your creative toolbox , you can use it, not all the time but sometimes you might go “Ah that’s a perfect situation for a silhouette”.

Thanks for hanging out with us today , we’ve got a really friendly and encouraging Facebook Group called PHOTOSHARE , the link is in the description down there so come and join us and get some one on one assistance with your silhouettes and hang out with other friendly photographers and share your photographs.

Hey Thanks for watching right to the end we’ve got heaps more tips like this on Youtube so subscribe and check out all of our great videos.

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