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How to choose right face foundation, apply long-lasting lipstick and clean mascara brush? The best makeup life hacks will show you how to enhance beauty and look fabulous!
Choosing the best beauty products could be a tricky job and requires a lot of knowledge. For example, it’s really hard to choose the right foundation formula for your skin. But we are ready to help and we tested various beauty products and you will be able to choose the best one. Moreover, you will find awesome beauty ideas and easy and cheap recipes of beauty products.
Have you ever known the difference between water-based foundation and oil-based foundation? In this video you will find the experiment that shows the difference. Oil-based foundation contain a lot of components that clog pores. If you use water base it gives your skin to breath. Another experiment shows that Vaseline forms a thin impermeable film that protects skin from losing it’s moisture. Also, we compared strips for cleaning pores with a black mask. Strips for cleaning work better. We compared four beauty products that help us to remove makeup: coconut oil, makeup remover oil, micellar water and makeup remover gel. Coconut oil is the best product to remove makeup.

You’ll learn how to organize your makeup, how to decorate your room and even make natural cosmetics at home! You’ll find how to make lipstick, face foundation and lip scrub with no effort!
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00:09 Face concealer life hacks
00:20 Makeup hacks
01:30 How to apply eye shadows
02:35 Black mask beauty hack
03:00 Face mask to clean clogged pores
06:22 Long-lasting lipstick
12:18 Makeup tutorial
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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. Mg Nagabushana

    I am waiting for when you cook the foundation that's why I am watching this video

  2. Gul Mohd


  3. Moon Queen


  4. Moon Queen


  5. Beth Bartlett

    BTW: Go "5 Minute Decor", Outstanding Productions and Subs!!! You Go!

    Postive Abundance!

  6. Beth Bartlett

    Mental note from reading comments:
    There are varied levels of intelligence and educated understanding, …
    Therefore there will always be a % whom both think from the Lower/Adolescent/Ego Mind and react with a statement that places "this statement" and their "self" in the middle of their complaint comment.

    🔑 Conscious Thought and applied Higher Mind, a method to live in balance/harmony and reality with the viewers observing of you as a Mature and Desired individual.

    If you don't understand this comments statements, thoroughly Google Search each point. It will be a resulting clarity on a potential for your greater life experiences.

    Best Thoughts = Best Resulting Outcomes

    Learn and Master the "Law of Attraction", it begins with Conscious Thoughts and applied Higher Mind.

    …or continue in the petty drama created by the Lower/Adolescent/Ego Mind and its engaging with others it attracts.

    You hold the 🔑 to your true happiness and experiences.
    "Our Thoughts Create Our Reality"

  7. Cooking Shorts

    I love those days when thumbnail used to be the part of the videos…….. 😔😔

  8. Noor Huda

    Knowing that most of their thumbnail dont make any common sense still watch their videos cause u know the thumbnail has nothing to do with #5 min craft videos

  9. Madonna Lopes

    I don't like this video coz u didn't cook the foundation 😡😡😡😡and I was literally waiting for it

  10. Subrasmita Roy

    After watching the video thumbnail me cooking foundation for dinner

  11. Preeti Maurya

    Disclaimer – no foundation has been coocked in the video

  12. Slimey Slimes

    Me: *hands friend lipstick*
    Them:* puts on* Why does this taste offffff….?
    Me: Ummm.. NO IDEA

  13. _August _Queen_


  14. Ashwin Modi

    Itna makeup ka saman h ek dabba bhi le leti usse rakhne k liye😂😂😂

  15. Saanvi Desai

    Clickbaiters… 😒😒😒
    I was here to watch you cook your foundation all over your frying pan…

  16. crystalin Rani

    10:16 how many of u think that they have applied glue and left it half peeled then like my comment

  17. Nandini Goyal

    Half of the makeup will get used in testing up these hacks😅🤣🤣

  18. Square Peg

    If I rub DD cream on my chest, will I get bigger boobs?

  19. Divyani Patidar

    Bb cream, cc cream, dd cream, after sometime there will be ee,ff,gg,hh…. Cream also.. Series bro series😎😂

  20. Akansha Sharma

    I am using Go Richh hair shampoo of planet Ayurvedafor My short and thin hairs. It is very good and effective as I got results in 2 months. I recommend you all to take Go Richh hair shampoo of planet Ayurveda.

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