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3d Sea Effect Create Poster For Any Commercial Product Photoshop Tutorial

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In this video tutorial learn how to use 3d option in photoshop and how to provide amazing 3d effect in photoshop.
This tutorial is very help for those how create posters for commercial ads and in this tutorial you can learn every thing about 3d effect and poster design.
In this video learn how to use camera raw filter , warp tool , selection layer , masking , blending , transparent effect and many other photoshop tools.
You can get more better result effect you spent more time on your work or in photoshop so enjoy the tutorial.

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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. photoshop esl

    Great tutorial friend 🤗🤗
    Stay safe and connected 🤗🤗👍🏽

  2. Me Y rA

    good job .. Please, the pink background color was not a good choice .. Thank you

  3. Red Rose

    it is story of actress Sharehan
    you are an icon and make this advertising amazing

  4. Kate Bartlett

    So enjoying your 3D series, uncomplicated, fun and endless. Look forward to more.

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