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4 Beginner Sony NEX Photography Tips & Tricks // Sony NEX 3, 3N, 5, 5N, 5R, 6, 7

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These 4 things will help you get better photos with any Sony NEX camera!

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Canon FD Adapter:
My Vintage Lens Collection:


My Gear:

Canon EOS RP:

Sigma 24mm f/1.4:
Canon 50mm f/1.8:
Canon 24mm f/2.8:
Sony 28-70mm:

—Other Gear—
EF Adapter:
Editing Laptop:
Studio Lights:


#Sony #NEX #Photography

How To Take Better Photos With Sony NEX Mirrorless Cameras // 4 Tips For Beginners

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Moto ЖИВА

    Is it possible to enlarge a fragment of 10-16X when working with manual lenses? Especially when shooting RAW

  2. rekinxxxl

    Thanks for information about peaking! I didnt know this existed because I also had old firmware version, and its suuuper useful especially when trying to see the DOF in sunlight with the screen.

  3. Thanks for the video. I just returned the Sony A7III after 5 days. I will wait for the Sony A7IV and save up money while still using the NEX-7.

  4. Lorenzo Demma

    Hi, how can i use well an old analog like Pentax smc, on a Nex3?

  5. Udday Datta

    Hi! I just got a Meike MK FE 50mm F/1.7 for my Sony NEX 5T, but when I am attaching the lens, it is giving me a warning that lens can not be detected. Can you please help me on how to solve this problem?

  6. Tammy J. Hamilton

    Very good video. I love the linked information and the tips. I only have one small critique: Your hands are very distracting, there are a few techniques used for you are giving lectures or a talk: You can clasp your hands below the viewing angle so that you don't gesture so much or your can hold a camera so then you are less likely to use your hands to make your point.

  7. crjpeg

    Nice video, thanks. I shoot with an NEX 6 since early 2015, after years of Nikon DSLR's (which I still use), and I can tell you that the images from the Nex 6 are better at ISO's up to 3200, than the Nikons, which is driving me crazy, as I just got a D7200, and the Nex kicks its butt in smooth images with no grain. I also have been shooting the a6000 for almost a year now, and find I get smoother images with the Nex! I am looking for another Nex6, as I am taking it, along with the a6000 more and more when I travel. Have you compared grain from the Nex6 vs DSLR image grain, or noise?

  8. Supreme Tez VLOGS

    🔥🔥🔥💯 great video I gotta grab some vintage lenses for some reason I have two sel1855 lenses

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