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5 Beginner Wildlife Photography Tips | Sharing What I've Learned in the Field

5 Beginner Wildlife Photography Tips | Birds | Deer | Waterfowl

In this wildlife photography video, I sit back and share what I’ve learned to be some of the most important in the field wildlife photography tips for beginners. All things from being quiet in the woods to how important it is to learn animal behavior.

Although I’m a landscape photographer first, I have grown to love wildlife photography and everything that comes with it. Hope you enjoy the video and maybe take something away from it. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Ah "Grasshopper", you have learned well. Seriously, well done Al. I had a deer approach me yesterday, so close I could not photograph her with my 600mm. At first, she was near the extreme distance limit of my lens but she slowly approached me, closer, closer and closer. I have had moose do this many times but never a deer. Once, I had a cow moose come up and sniff me when I was using a shrub for cover. It is so much fun to be a wildlife photographer, eh Al.

  2. Useful tips for birder like me also. Knowing the area helps to find birds. Always scanning the area for movements that's I find the most birds. Enjoyed watching, thanks ?

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