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5 Photography Tips For Beginners

5 Photography Tips For Beginners

I am by no means a professional photographer, just a beginner but here are my tips! @takenbyjoey

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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. lemon lame.

    you inspire me more and more everyday, i love how you live life and how you are always so kind and happy. continue being you. also this video was very helpful

  2. Alice Batten

    A great website if you’re from the UK (I’m not sure if they ship to other places) is as you can get loads of really good secondhand cameras that have been checked and certified for a really good price they have a range of all different ones from beginner cameras to advanced ones. You can see the shutter count and how much they have been used. And every camera comes with a warrantee. I recently got a Nikon d3100 for £100 and it’s amazing but I would definitely recommend if you are wanting to buy a good dslr without breaking the bank 🙂

  3. Sabrina Castro

    this video is just what I neededI’ve been trying to get into photography more because I really love it but I don’t know much about it but this helped!

  4. Kyana

    3:01 "colour blind" Joey goes on a rant about colour. Love this guy.

    If "colour blind" Joey can take such amazing pictures you can too.

  5. Brooke Brown

    The day I register for my intro to photography class!

  6. maddy meyer

    I’m getting into photography but I don’t quite have the best camera, what are some good ones for beginners that won’t break the bank

  7. Ilyauna Willis

    Joey give yourself more credit. You're not just a kid with a camera. You're a kid with talkent and I follow @takenbyjoey. Every one of your pictures tells a story. Thank you for inspiring me and so many other people 💛

  8. Rosie

    I love your photography and how you think so creatively yet so simply, that a lot of photographers would look past. Using your phone for a reflection is such a clever idea

  9. Caitlin Leah

    I have always wanted to get into photography I have already started editing photos and really enjoy it ! This was very helpful thank you 💛

  10. Lesly Simon

    I do like to dabble in taking pics here and there, so these were some great tips that I will for sure use. Thanks Joey 💕

  11. shiv

    Haven’t seen it but it’s about photography so I LOVE IT!!!!

  12. Feline Aris

    super leuk onderwerp ik krijg altijd zoveel inspiratie van @joeykidney

  13. Inixion

    I'm not necessarily interested in pursuing photography myself. But I appreciate the video non the less

  14. gina mancilla

    Damn Joey you are so talented I’m glad I found your channel love u👏💕

  15. Makenna S.

    I love this video! You have such amazing talent and I can’t wait to see you grow even more!!

  16. Jazz Noelle

    Hey guys!

    If you wanted to take just a few seconds to subscribe to me I'd love you forverrrrrr💖💖

    (and also I subscribe back)
    thanks babes!! Xoxo, Jazz

  17. Theo Tabz

    watching the live on instagram rn <3 <3 LOVE YOUU !!

  18. BEYOUtifulgrin

    I really like this video! I'm more of a sports 'photographer' and I love going to football games, hockey games, any sports games really and taking photos. I'm the photography editor for my school's yearbook and I absolutely love it. Photography is such a beautiful art form and I love learning more about it and other people's tips and strategies! I saved for a long time for my Nikon d5500, it's basically my child and I love it so much. Thanks for this video!

  19. Lyndsey Webb

    Doing a face mask so I can't wear glasses, but you know holding my phone right up to my face works 😂 your vlogs are worth it!! My mom got me a camera so I need this!!

  20. Alayna Carlock

    Thank you for this!! I've recently wanted to buy a camera and get into some photography, so this really helps 🙂

  21. lisa d

    I'm so proud of you your podcast is amazing and you are amazing you've helped me the past few weeks by liking my comment answering my comment even looking at my dm and linking my post thank u so much you inspire me🙂💛

  22. lisa d

    Yesssss this is definitely gonna help me😊 thank u joey

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