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5 Photography Tips for Beginners in 2021

Thinking about starting photography in 2021? Or maybe you have an old camera lying around that’s been collecting dust? Or perhaps all you have is your trusty iphone and you’re looking to up your social photography game. Well, I have five photography tips and tricks that will help you (beginner or not) improve your photography. These may seem basic but are important things I focus on when taking photos that have been making my pictures better and better. Take the time to learn and understand these concepts and your ideal aesthetic will soon be in reach.
Remember, the most important thing is to take pictures that YOU think look good. And have fun I guess…

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0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Tip#1 Get to Know Your Camera
2:08 – Tip#2 Rule of Thirds
3:23 – Tip#3 Composition Angles
4:47 – Tip#4 Don’t Be Scared of ISO
6:01 – Tip#5 Edit (almost) Every Photo
7:47 – Final Words

BG Music:
chinsei – pleasure

5 Photography Tips for Beginners in 2021
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  1. love this. i’ve always hated the editing process coz i always feel insecure about it and feel like my edits are not good enough that’s why i feel like i’ve leaned more towards film photography. last year, in the beginning of the pandemic i ended up buying a 2nd hand x100f since it has great jpegs and usually is the results the i like when i edit. this year 2021, i think my goal is to st least edit a picture from time to time again and shoot raw (and maybe jpeg) so i can play around with editing.

    great video like always!

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