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I’m showing you 5 ways you can instantly make better videos. None of this requires you having to buy extra equipment.

By utilizing these steps you will be able to improve the overall quality, look, sound and feel of the videos you make right away. I hope you guys dig it! Try some of it out!

DIY Lighting Setup:

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The Music I use:
Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack :

My MAIN Camera –
My FAVOURITE Lens Ever –
The Magic Canon Lens of Life –
The Mic I use –
My Drone –
The stabilizer I use with iPhone :
The BEST monopod –
GoPro HERO 5 –

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Brian L. Robert

    Ok woah, the card skills hurt my brain I thought that stuff only happened in cartoons. Also, brilliant video. Thanks for that!

  2. Outdoor Life 4 Me

    Great advice. Particularly liked the part on "learn your software", because I think too many of us get focused on gear, and don't realize until it is too late in the creative process, that a LOT of the final product we see in photography or video creation is in the editing stage. If you aren't comfortable with this stage, then you might have hours and hours of great footage, but it just won't translate to the audience as well as you'd have liked.

  3. King Adeft

    Dang those were really good tips. Very helpful. I like how you explained and showed why you do these things. It was also nice to hear stuff I can actually do. I'm definitely gonna have to rewatch this video a few times.

  4. Stefan

    I did not expect to see Cardisrty in this video♥️🥺🔥

  5. adam liban

    you babble too much, and yet you say nothing substantial or of value. You make yourself sound like you're a real expert and yet, nothing you say has any substantiaed value. I have tried to listen to you and it seems like you're basically bored.

  6. Ksenia

    Very interesting as usual and super helpful! Thank you

  7. sedameansstrong

    I was always curious to know how you get that slight cool filter on your videos that make colors even…. Just like in this video. the colors look all filtered

  8. J F

    "#1, LIGHTING" with half of the text invisible due to the lighting. Ironic? I dunno

  9. Ferricity AMV

    But what if I do not have resources. my client just gives me a crappy video of him talking and i have to make good video from it. no resources at all.

  10. Corey Power

    This video is GREAT , but this man is insane if he thinks a baby crawling across the floor with Tupac in the back isn’t amazing.

  11. kpboix99

    Good videography tips! Lighting, music/sounds, know editing software, good locations, and motions.

  12. Savvy Turtle

    Tap the shell! still learning and humbled you are 100% real!

  13. Syrie Sanica

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for the info very helpful.. What if I use PowerPoint slides only for (bullet points plan) in a teleprompter to keep my conversation on target without reading a script and to avoid eye movement on camera. would that be professional and authentic on video?

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