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50+ Galaxy S9 Camera Tips and Tricks: The Ultimate Guide

Samsung’s latest and greatest, the Galaxy S9, has, arguably the best smartphone on the market so here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use it. SUBSCRIBE NOW:

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50+ tips and tricks ranging from modes, settings, tools, picture management, super slo-mo, AR Emojis.

While this isn’t a Galaxy S9 Plus, ALL of the tips apply to this device too so well worth a watch to set you up for some S9 camera tests of your own.

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. Derrick Johnson

    AI Emoji is cool.Didnt know you can talk through customize personal image of yourself on video🤔

  2. Jurekssss

    Any new tricks and tips with S9 camera? I've tried this today (26.04.2021).. but all the settings are diffrent now since android update..

  3. Eva quaye

    Only my front camera take live focus. I really don't know why?

  4. logan 0814

    I have s9 and after taking pics the option of wide and normal does not show

  5. KoolKatBeatz

    in the settings when set to UHD on the rear cam its set to a 10 min limit… is there a way to set it to just star another 10 video right after it reaches 10m in the 1st video? Continuous 10m block I guess is what I'm asking about.

  6. logan 0814

    My selective focus pics won't adjust background blur , whenever i tap on adjust background blur jt says file type not supported please help me with that anyone

  7. LEH

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  8. YT_TonoX

    i litterally can't find a way to do burst shots i just can't.. ive been trying to find out for the past hour or so


    Sorry, I have the S9 but some options are not available for me, any idea?
    (for example: the s.slomo options for reverse and such)

  10. Thank u dio much th I have the iPhone 11 pro and I am thinking about purchasing the s9 phone for my 10 year old daughter for her bday hope she likes it


    This is such a good video. Like crazy helpful! As a fellow creator, you get a like from Me. Very well done!

    – Q

  12. that was great – thank you… I clicked on your video because I've been trying to find a way to record wide screen for upload to youtube… and sadly, the quality of my video is rich in colour and clear, but it reproduces to youtube as little washed out… sound reproduction is just fine…

  13. Louie Seddon

    I cant do #32. When I click a photograph and press the 3 dots I only get 4 options none of which are photo editor? Any one help?

  14. James Henry

    This is the best instructional video I have ever watched for anything. You are a hero, a scholar and a saint.

  15. No Name

    I wonder which one I should buy if I want the better camera?
    S9 or A71? prices are quite similar so yeah

  16. Mohammad Ammar

    Mine super sliw mo getting darker video which you dont …. why?

  17. Harish Benjwal

    Your tip no. 15 has flaw. Kindly correct. My galaxy is showing the resolution getting downscale/downgrade to 9.5 megapixel if i choose full screen as viewfinder.

  18. Jolie Pop

    The video automatically zooms in 😡 I have nothing selected to make it do this. It does this out of the box. Has anyone discovered a fix? I have to manually zoom OUT on every video. Makes taking them pretty ridiculous. And even when you zoom out it's still way closer than photo mode. Beyond annoying.

  19. James Spears

    Rose's or ice cream cones show up on my pictures, how can I turn them off or on when needed????

  20. catlover49

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy J3(6), but I'm thinking of upgrading. This camera looks so much better! 😁

  21. saqib ijaz

    Excellent effort and elaborated very well…. Keep it up….

  22. Anisha Luitel

    I have same phone as u show in video but I don't have same kind of features in my camera like you I have to update new version of camera or what suggest me to do.

  23. Sophie Berg

    Thank you very much, the tips ans tricks are great.

  24. L&p Rayan

    I have problem to make long video in my fone .s9 .my fone only makes 15 second to 30 second videos then it turns off

  25. greeppl

    When viewing S9 slow motion video, I can pick a which part of the video I want to apply the slow motion effect on. Unfortunately, there minimum seems to be like 10 seconds & cannot make them any shorter. Any ideas?

  26. Doppy Hoppy

    Thanks for showing us everything about the camera. I learned a lot from you.

  27. time2heal

    Excellent video! Already having fun with my Samsung 9. Thanks!!

  28. Joe Hildebrand

    A fantastic tutorial that spares users the usual neverending preamble and countless tangents! Well done! I have saved this for future use and reference.

  29. M Joy

    s9+ does not have voice command option ?

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