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7 Advanced Editing Tips in CapCut Video Editor.

Learn how to make your videos more professional with these 7 advanced editing tips in CapCut Video Editor!


0:00 – Intro
0:44 – How To Do PiP/Stack Videos
1:56 – How To Use Keyframes
3:54 – Green Screen Effects/Subscribe Button
6:31 – Adding Social Media Handles.
9:19 – Color Grading
11:08 – Cinematic Black Bars
12:35 – Zoom In Effect.

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  1. I am looking for …. and really struggling with …. a way to transfer clips from one project to another. Like, if I think a clip should be added to another video. Or if I want to combine various pieces of a project into a new project without inserting (and having to INDIVIDUALLY DELETE) MASSIVE amounts of tiny, itty, bitty, clips that take half a damn century to delete because capcut won't allow a human being to select more than one clip for deletion at a time.

    So, instead of combining four videos into one, and deleting all the parts AROUND that itty bitty clip, is there a way to just move THAT clip to another video??

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