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7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

Download the Source Files that go along this tutorial :

1. Communicate a strong message

2. Under expose a little bit your sunset for better result

3. use a tripod for better sunset and night photography

4. Use a slow shutter app and a tripod to make cool long exposure photos, recommended app:

Pro camera IOS

Camera+ (to change ISO)
(for shooting raw and controlling that you shoot in low iso)

Slow Shutter App IOS

Camera FV-5 Android

5. Use Snapseed to retouch your photos

Snapseed IOS

SnapSeed Android version

6. Use pre-made bokeh (blurry) background to take awesome flowers,

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This Post Has 40 Comments

  1. Adedotun Ajibade

    Fantastic tutorials. Just what I've been looking for all morning. Thanks Serge 🙂

  2. Marjohn Sardido

    hi can please send me the tutorial list how to improve and have a great result editing photos. please send to my gmail.
    have a great day thank you.

  3. Salman Edits

    Which app is more compatible to manage shutter speed on android&also to focus lock for video making???

  4. P A

    Thank you very much. I'll keep these tips on mind when I take pictures in the future.

  5. lori thorpe

    Great video , but i usually find that for a good sunset , that mobile filters are good , as they're like proper ones , where half of the lens is orange & the other half is plain . Which editing app do you think is better ? Snapseed or lightroom , Thanks for sharing .

  6. marin guic

    7 tips to take better smartphone photography??? neiled it!

  7. suhas .g

    great video superb i looking for this types of video thanks so much its very helpful

  8. Love watching the tutorials but a week ago I subscribed to your email listing & all I keep getting is email after email you keep trying to sell me ur stuff. That is by far so highly “UNPROFESSIONAL”. PLEASE STOP IT!!

    I tied unsubscribing & it just won’t allow me to do. One more email & I will disappointingly swear on every video u post.

    Keep the great videos up but no more junk mail trying to sell please.

  9. edit freak

    Can you tell me more about manual mode on smartphone

  10. ALEXRY

    Thanks man! I love your videos, and the retouching is so Amazing!

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  12. G7 Art

    thank you for this simple tips yet very powerful and your editing skills are amazing..

  13. Kishor Solanki

    wooo.. mindblowing, fantastic, no words to say, salute to your photography and editing, retouching skill, I will wait for your next video. one of the best video for an amateur smartphone photographer….

  14. Robert Whittle

    Brilliant insight into what you can achieve with your phone camera, I’ve just purchased the app ProCam, and would love to see more photographic ideas for iPhone. Thank you

  15. Willy Darmawan

    I don't like the way you judge "wrong or right" to shot things. IMHO there is no completely "wrong or right" in shooting images. three is a better way to do it.

  16. Jc Reglos

    what app did you use with slow shutter speed to create long exposure? TIA

  17. robinson1010

    Very good video! I have been wanting to learn how to take better pictures with my phone for awhile. I learned a lot from your video.

  18. Utkarsh Rana

    Please see my photos on Instagram (@photography_utk) and follow

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