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8 # Full Camera Tour, Nikon D750 | Photography for Beginners Course (Urdu) |Usman Ghani Photography

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This video on photography learning is the 8th Video of the Online Free Photography Course Series” Photography for Beginners ” ( Urdu Tutorial ) by Usman Ghani : A world renowned photographer having 35 years of experience in Photography ; National and International Award winner based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Founder of Usman Ghani Photography and Mentor to a multitude of Professional Photographers.

In this video, I explain all the buttons and their function on a Camera. I am using Nikon D750 as a example. But Once you understand this youu can navigtte all Cameras regardles of their brand. In this video I will bring all the knowledge of properly using camera in a cohesive manner and its mastery is required if you want to become a better photographer.

Stay tuned for more course content by subscribing and turning On notifications by clicking the bell icon as I will post regularly. Stay with me throughout this course to become a better photographer.

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Learn Photography Free Online Course in Urdu

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