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A Week Away: Bailee Madison on Possible Sequel, Turning 21 With Her Boyfriend and More | Full Int…

Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn and their ‘A Week Away’ co-stars chat with ET’s Katie Krause about their movie, now streaming on Netflix. Bailee reflects on 10 years since ‘Just Go With It’ was released and Kevin talks about all the Zac Efron comparisons he’s been getting. Bailee also reveals how she and her boyfriend, Blake Richardson, celebrated their 21st birthdays.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. John Seckar

    How can you honestly do an interview or piece speaking about God or religion while showing so very much cleavage Bailee Madison? Have better respect for your self and what you're representing in such a interview! I'll pray for you

  2. Little Jonathorn

    I don’t want to go against anyone’s religion, however does it have to have a religious feel to it? (Nothing wrong with that) Some of the best movies don’t make it about religion.

    Examples include: Saving Privot Ryan, Pearl Harbor, Dallas Buyers Club, Little Miss Sunshine, The Pianist, August Rush, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Riddick, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Titanic, Most Kevin Costner Films, Water world, Dune and Most Marvel & DC movies amongst others that don’t follow religious beliefs to my current knowledge.

    {So many different types of Genre’s and films}

    Religious films is one type of Film Genre.

  3. Little Jonathorn

    Good idea. Just have an opposing view:

    Needs less singing every 2 minutes because it distracts us from the main story, more character development and less of a Highschool musical/Pitch perfect movie vibe
    & not that I don’t like singing, it needs MORE drama and MORE BACKGROUND/Story. Some parts of the movie are dull or too overly cluttered by all the singing. Too much Troy and Gabriella vibes. “A week away,” is still an awesome 👏 👏 film.

    just my point of view.

  4. Lily Cannon

    When I walked in the room and saw my sister watching this movie I thought Kevin was Zac efron! He is a mix of teen Zac and adult Zac

  5. Lily Cannon

    Please do a sequel!!!! I've watched this movie 10 times!!!!

  6. Lucy Lane

    Dude I remember watching Bailee Madison on Once Upon a Time as a younger version of Snow. I feel so old!! 😭

  7. tinseIIe

    I really relate to Bailee Madison in the movie. I loved it, we watched it as soon as it came and she really just inspires me.

  8. Jyace Lunar

    OMG i there is a sequel I would watch 100 times over omg I love this movie

  9. Haki Ikah

    Finally something that’s not about sex, drugs, and doesn’t glamorize crime.

  10. Brooke Warren

    Gotta say I swear Kevin and Zac Efron have the same beautiful smile!

  11. Morgan L

    I watched bailee grow up lmaoo but I’m 15 💀

  12. Anna Ilusorio

    I think it would be cool if Avery and will went back to camp and get married 🙌🙌

  13. Eugenia Motter

    OMG I told my sister “Kevin is the next Zac Efron”. I think we are all in agreement!

  14. gabby outwater

    It would be really cool to see in the sequel the away from camp experience. Because so often when you leave church camp it's a fight to keep the changes permanent. It would be interesting to see how their characters specifically Will's character deals with this. Also they should have included the church camp purple rule lol that would have been funny.

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