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Abby Lee Miller on Coming ‘Close’ to Dying, JoJo Siwa Coming Out and Her Future on TV (Exclusive)

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ET exclusively sits down with Abby Lee Miller for an unfiltered conversation about her health journey, JoJo Siwa’s support during the difficult time and what she hopes for the future of her career. Dr. Hooman Melamed joins Miller for the chat, including the ‘Dance Moms’ star showing off the work she’s put in to regain her ability to walk.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Cathy Abraham

    Saved some guys from suicide? I laughed out loud. If you did, they would be by your side. Not the bellboy

  2. Phat Cat

    Damn… I just want to pack her up and send her here, to my house. She would hate my small city though. Lol! She would probably be better off in a big city that has production handy to help pay her bills snd get her back into the world, faster. For her mental and physical health. So sad. Hope something comes through for her, and soon.

  3. Cre'Che Shaw


  4. Norris Nuts Daily

    Awwww when she said “I’ll have to save my tears for the pillow” like she said to the girls in Dance moms

  5. Caroline Hills

    And she was so mean to jojo and Maddie was her pick and look who is there for her and who wasn't my🙏🙏🙏 for her

  6. TBC LK

    Hey Abbey be glad your walking because you have people that love you and fans that love you and I love you

  7. Rhonda Beirne

    I just want to go take care if her….noone deserves to be alone….NOONE….everyone deserves a friend …what a world it would be, if we didn't judge others by their past mistakes….God bless Abbey…

  8. Leah B

    omg abby lee .Miller i
    am youre biggest fan

  9. Susana Hurtado

    She needs to use her amazing helping attitude and personality to help inmates moving forward. Use your ability to relate and care in a different direction. Right on. 💯💯

  10. Rise Above

    Therapy is 3 or 4 times a week; not a day. You can do it yourself. Stop with the self-pity.

  11. Noora Queen

    For American standards she was mean but for me as an Arabian it’s called tough teaching !

  12. ghalaih B

    Abby is mean but I don’t want her to die she’s been paid for being mean like dude… I want to say if you die….. I want to say thank you for helping people and making them. Stars just like you thank you…

  13. Nicole Kalasuva

    She said she can’t afford 24/7 care? After all time she’s been on tv she still doesn’t make enough money to have help?

  14. Vanessa Curry

    She’s alone bc of the way she treats ppl I hope she changed that and I hope she continues to get better and live a great life!!

  15. jcgalvvv

    I’m glad jojo and her family were there for her. Very sweet

  16. Sarah Harper

    It's show businesses. Abby being "mean" is her training these girls up. She might be rude to some but her heart is gold and the proof is in the pudding 💛

  17. Sunny Sunday’s

    Abby is an amazing person. She is a dream maker and beautiful, and it’s great that she is strict that is what people (dancers) need. ♥️ It’s my dream to meet her.

  18. saman zafar

    God bless her!Ur amazing person!I just want to say when ur gonna fly away from this world I promise u will have the amazing life”there!U have done so great in ur life u have been a warrior ur challenging ur life…Don’t forget I’m with u and with ur side…love u soo much!!

  19. Barbara Peterson

    Abbie so sad to hear your not well..
    I do wish you well again..
    You have a wonderful group of dancers you must be so proud of what you have achieved with and for them..
    I watch from Aus.,
    Holly it’s hard to watch the disrespect and lack of support..the Mums shouldn’t be drawn into your ANX..

  20. Sue Brown

    People you made millions for? YOU have millions because of them lady! Be humbled by your circumstances…you made you bed, no on deserves cancer def not but you created the mess that is your loneliness …you treated these girls and their moms like garbage

  21. Jada Morales

    I cried as soon as Abby said I have to save my tears for the pillow my heart breaks for her she was mean but she doesn’t deserve this 💔

  22. 9razzler9

    the clip of her reversing in her wheelchair will forever be an iconic meme

  23. B MOORE

    I love that as much as she didn’t like JoJo on the show. JoJo is the one who’s there for her

  24. B MOORE

    As much as I didn’t like Abby during Dance Moms. I would wish this on my worst enemies. I’m glad she’s starting to do better and starting to walk again. I hope she can make it back home soon

  25. Savannah Cook

    Is just me or is she nicer and she lost some Weight good for her✨

  26. Crystal Fresquez

    Abby you are brave and you got this. And I wish I could come out to California and help you. I have done lots of home health care and I honestly would do it for free. I pray that you get the home and pt help you need and that you are able to go home to Florida ASAP. 💗

  27. Nathan’s Fish

    Abby is a brave and tough women!! She was mean to the girls but because of that all those girls got somewhere in life, treating those girls like little babies would have got them NO where her being mean was good!!!! I don’t know why so many people hate her it’s so sad!

  28. Jessica G

    My mom wasn’t a fan of her but we don’t want to wish this on anybody.

  29. Jason C

    I’m not sure what she did to piss off people, especially Black people, but I like her! Wouldn’t mind a comeback 🤞🏾

  30. April Townsend

    It's amazing how one mistake (although I don't call it a mistake if you know you're doing it) can truly ruin your life forever. Had she not screwed up, gone to prison, and lost EVERYTHING because of her scheming then she would be getting the best treatment in the WORLD right now. But she's not. And it's on her and only her.

  31. Fina Rajao

    Hopefully, this experience changed her for the better.

  32. Gabi

    sad. glad her most successful student jojo is there for her

  33. Emily Wiebel

    I would be going after the prison system for taking her off needed medication all bc they don’t want the costs. Thyroid medication is crucial and everyone knows if your thyroid isn’t working properly than you will have major major issues so if a doctor took her off of it then theirs some serious issues! Also she’s not the only one who would have dealt with this so Im glad she’s using her platform to at least inform but I hope she takes it further to not only to help herself but every other woman who ends up there and could go through this or who has gone through it.

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