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Accountant/Finance PROFITABLE Business Ideas in 2021 l Passive Income #accountant #finance #shorts 2

Accountants and Financial Advisors Business Ideas for ones looking to Build Startup or wanting to Earn Online in 2021 through Accounting, Tax, Audit, Financial Products, Services to pursue entrepreneurship goals or to make money through passive income, here are list of best Business Ideas #shorts 🍃

💰Full List of 20 Business Ideas & 💵 It’s Corresponding Income Models –

1. One Stop Mentorship platform for Guidance, Courses and Career Coaching : SESSION CHARGES

2. Expense Reduction Service : From Individuals to Startups to Big Companies in every segment : PROFESSIONAL FEES CHARGES

3. Build a Platform on Subscription Model for Angel investors and StartUps from Finance or FinTech to Connect and Pursue : SUBSCRIPTION FEES TO BE ON THE PLATFORM

4. Advisory services : SESSION CHARGES

5. Build Accounting Softwares in partnership with developers :

6. Provide Debt Reduction services : PROFESSIONAL FEES CHARGES

8. Risk management Consulting business : CONSULTATION FEES

9. Start a Credit Repair business : SERVICE FEES

10. Start a Personal Finance Blog, Podcast or YouTube Channel : AD REVENUES

11. One Stop Tax Preparation Service for Individuals and Corporates : PREMIUM SERVICE FEES

12. One Stop Audit services (internal as well as external) for different clients/corporates : PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FEES

13. Author a Finance Based Book : ROYALTY MONEY

14. Become a Angel Investor : EQUITY IN THE COMPANIES

15. Remote Bookkeeping and Financial records : PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FEES

16. Corporate Training Service of Financial and Accounting software : COURSE FEES AND SESSION CHARGES

17. Expense Control and Cost Reduction service for StartUps and Brands : PREMIUM SERVICE FEES

18. Start a Personal Financing Blog plus add relevant affiliate links : AD REVENUES AND AFFILIATE COMMISSION

19. Franchise Club : MEMBERSHIP FEES

20. Start a Finance based Talk Show or Podcast : AD REVENUES

💵Finance Merch

🧾Accountant Merch

📟Finance Trend Wear

🧮Account Trend Wear

🍄Who Can Start the businesses aforementioned :

– Accountants
– Financial Advisers
– Finance Managers
– Financial Controllers
– Financial Advisors
– Certified Public Accountants
– Chief Financial Officers
– Chartered Management Accountants
– Public Accounting experts
– Audits
– Tax
– Budget Analysts
– Management Accounting

Each of these Online businesses have the potential to be High Paying second Income, One can start from a small office or Work From Home parallel on one or multiple of these projects. Most Millionaires make money due to being able to have multiple sources of income. Each of these business ideas has the potential to become a successful revenue generating StartUp if rightly executed. We will be coming with proven execution Tips, Tricks & Strategies applicable for any or all types of businesses. If you are interested you can subscribe to the channel.

*If you are going to explore any of the said Ideas; Please hit a Like on this Video*

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