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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial l Sports Poster Design l Easy Tips

Welcome to Windy Studio. In this free beginners, Photoshop tutorial video, you will learn how to create Sports poster in Photoshop.

This tutorial covers intermediate level of Adobe Photoshop which helps to create background using brush and sports poster design in Photoshop. In this tutorial you will learn how to use brush , layer masking ,clipping layer, layer arrangement, color correction and simple Photoshop tricks which help to enhance the picture quality

source image:

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  1. Awesome, ?,
    So I want to ask, how did you add the background to the image at the end, with the blurred effect using the flayers as the canvas. Hope this question makes sense.?

  2. New sub.. I use to do this stuff on picsart. But everytime I printed it out it would be blurry. I hope when I kearn how to do this on here, I can print out a huge poster for my son.

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