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Affinity Photo Tutorial For Beginners – Top 10 Things Beginners Want To Know

This is a COMPLETE Affinity Photo tutorial for beginners! If you are new to Affinity Photo, this is the perfect video for you. We cover the top 10 things beginners want to know how to do. 

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Download today’s images:


In this tutorial, we cover the following topics:

0:28 – Opening Images
1:24 – Affinity Photo’s Interface
4:48 – Cropping
6:46 – Removing Imperfections
11:47 – Adjustment Layers
17:12 – Masks
22:22 – Selections
26:13 – Changing the Background
29:10 – Adding Text
30:47 – Saving and Exporting

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  1. I hope you guys like the video! Here are the time stamps for each of the top 10 things.

    1. Opening Images (0:28)
    2. Affinity Photo's Interface (1:24)
    3. Cropping (4:48)
    4. Removing Imperfections (6:46)
    5. Adjustment Layers (11:47)
    6. Masks (17:12)
    7. Selections (22:22)
    8. Changing the Background (26:13)
    9. Adding Text (29:10)
    10. Saving and exporting (30:47)

    Affinity Photo is amazing! If you really want to master this software, be sure to enroll in our complete beginner's course. You will learn everything you need to edit your photos like a professional. 🙂

  2. Hi Ezra, when I try to drag the band aid into my toolbar it turns into patch tool J, what am I doing wrong, I'd really like to learn how to remove stuff but I can't.

  3. First thing I want to know is how to enable full-screen in windows. As far as I can tell this isn't a feature! hope someone can help <3

    Nice beginners guide. This helped a lot. I haven't used anything but capture one for some years now so needed a reminder on more in-depth editing requires…

  4. Watching this video on February 5th, 2021, this video is still very useful for people that are new to Affinity Photo that are looking to get use to this program. The only two things I'll note is that the RYB play bottom for the color spectrum is now the actual color spectrum in a rectangle form and that the things like the Mask Layer, Adjustments and font options are at the very least different than Mac, and at most, updated to a new way of opening them, but everything is still very easy to find by following through this video and doing what Ezra describes in this video

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