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Alana Is SHOCKED After Unexpectedly Seeing Geno While Visiting Mama June (Exclusive)

In ET’s exclusive clip, Alana, Pumpkin and Ella arrive in Florida to visit their mom, June ‘Mama June’ Shannon. When they ring the doorbell, they’re shocked to see Geno instead of their mom. Alana quickly removes herself from the situation and tells her sister that seeing Geno feels ‘like a little much.’ ‘Mama June: Road to Redemption’ airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. natti mac

    Why does pumpkin talk to Tink like all babishhh she just imature!

  2. When will June take responsibility for her actions ? Oh 2000 and NEVER 🙄

  3. J G

    I’m thankful Geno is manning up to everything he did and is showing signs that he changed. Now if only June would woman up to what she did.

  4. Stacy Cooper

    Can’t believe June has put back on all that weight!! It’s sad that she took that money and instead of bettering herself & her girls… she chose that piece of crap Geneo & spent what could of given them a nice life- her and her girls! She deserves to go to prison and Alana should stay with her sister Lauren( pumpkin)

  5. juey burgerz

    I feel like they should kinda ease up on him when it comes to their mom cuz he cannot make that grown ass woman do nun. She chose to go off with him I feel like.

  6. 02Nawal

    Alana is huge please go on a diet

  7. Brandy Lacey

    Oh man I'm really starting to feel bad for geno only because he seem to be the only sincere one out the two and wants to fix what he knows he's broken

  8. June could not greet them at the door? Sure June…you blame Geno! My gosh woman….all that surgery….and you are letting all that weight come back on.

  9. Oceana Porter

    It's sad too see Alana so traumatized and naive about the situation. I think she is so happy too see her mom that she forgot about Geno being there for a minute. Like yah he answered the door its his house. Did you expect him too bot be at his house. June has an addiction to drugs and is in a codependent relationship. If June is fine where she is with Geno then he isn't going anywhere no matter how bad or good the situation is. So too expect your mom and not Geno is too high of an expectation. Thats something June has too work out on her own and right now she is comfortable in a toxic relationship and has no plans on leaving it. Alana gas this fairytale in her head that her mama is better and they are gonna have a happily ever after ending and she is going to live with her mama and its just gonna be them against the world. Hopefully thinking but not realistic but she is young she will understand the true depth if this situation as she gets older and matures.

  10. George Mcneal

    Get rid of him so he cant mess this up june get some self control and insight to your life the kids etc .

  11. Melissa Stewart

    So let me get this straight she wants them to move to Florida for her but she wasn't there for them and they already have a new house and she wants them to give that up because of her and you know selfishness

  12. nelly hernandez

    Calabaza como deja a una niña con un excombicto tenga responsabilidad

  13. Pinkhair Fairy

    Didn't geno touch chickadee when age was a child? That's beyond vile and these people are still cool with him the mother doesn't give a f about that.

  14. Sara Hilliard

    Brandon Novak sent me to Banyan same rehab they went to. It's a great treatment place. Best I've been to. Turned my life around.

  15. Kimberly Lewis

    Pumpkin you are doing a great job with your sister. Prayers sent for all of you.

  16. Bree Midge

    Isn’t Geno a p€d0 or conviceted a p€d0??

  17. Pumpkin had what appeared to be a GOOD one on one with Geno AFTER he “unexpectedly” showed up at the Park, why is SHE acting surprised that he would be at a 🏠 that he OBVIOUSLY shares with June? 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  18. MissKJ

    Girls I think that Gino is keeping your mom on the straighten arrow not the other way around

  19. deanna young

    I dont like the little girl on the table
    And in a dress In front of that pervert!!! They dont change people

  20. Amber Harris

    No June. You'll mess it up yourself. As always. Geno is actually trying

  21. Ms Sweethaki

    I don't understand why June won't take baby steps with her girls. Geno is not their father he is her boyfriend they never really have to forgive him. I don't understand parents who fight harder for their personal relationships than the relationship with their own kids. I feel bad that Alana constantly has to make adult decisions.

  22. Bri Skye

    It's crazy how they blame Geno for everything in her life!!.

  23. Becca69 Pestoni

    She needs to stop talking baby talk to her daughter! her daughter will continued to pronounce the words wrong🤦‍♀️

  24. Sandra Hall

    I love those June girls,they are strong and don't take any crap. I want them to enjoy their trip in Florida.

  25. Ellie Sava


  26. TV

    June is trying to force their relationship she’s an awful person

  27. Pamela P

    June looked like she just had a long visit with the toilet. 😅

  28. Debbie Angel

    OH MY GOD mama June looks TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mandy

    Honestly it makes me mad how june wants her family back and wants them to all be a happy family but like pumpkin said its gonna take awhile to gain trust and be back when you did a lot of damage. June has been sober for a few months not even a year when this was all filmed, and the damage she did to he kids were what a year or 2? Like you cant fix years into a month

  30. Mama June you be going to prison so is would she move down there you are going away for a long time.

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