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All the Similarities Between Meghan Markle and Princess Diana's Emotional Confessions

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Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, opened up about Diana’s lasting legacy and how her actions influenced their decisions.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Debosmita Pal

    The thing diana was that her husband didn't love her when all she wanted ws love.. N the constant struggle of being married to the royal family..

  2. No no no….don’t compare Meghan with Diana. Meghan is not on Diana’s level and will never ever be Diana’s level.

  3. Norma Tomkinson

    OMG, mega mouth should learn that being a lier will get her no where, up to now the lies she has been found out, she is beyond disgusting bringing up Diana, the British people loved the bones of Diana, and mega mouth will never be a second Diana,

  4. Aly Lilya

    Diana would actually understand Meghan better. She went through the same thing that Meghan did. To others they see someone who causes problems to the royal family but to me I feel bad for her.

  5. Martiane

    Diana is Regal! Meghan is beautiful but she lies a lot! And caught lying several times damn

  6. Karen

    Lies . all what this woman says its a lie!!! Me me me ghan.

  7. Lesley Dennis

    There is no comparison between Diana and Meghan, in my opinion.

  8. Cess Cess

    She planned all of it. She's an actress!

  9. Emma Shillito

    Seriously , when you start off as an actress like Meghan Markle and then become a Duchess, you can expect the same pressure of the media and press. Meghan should get a life and stop being negative about what's really like on the inside of the royal family and on the outside. She'll be harassed wherever she goes, whether she likes it or not! It's a fact of life when you are famous for being an actress at one time and a private citizen now!

  10. maria ann

    Harry is Diana's revenge. Harry is the man his poor excuse of a father could never and will never be

  11. Gavin Perry

    Thank god the Meghan is safe….. But don't be openly stupid to compare to Diana….. Diana was not privileged enough like Meghan… This is just insulting

  12. TIM

    Good that they separated and saved their family

  13. Natasha Isaac

    There are no similarities…as for Harry who has been championing mental health issues I can't see how he could not get help for his wife…if he got it so he could have dealt with the death of his mom then what about his wife…by the way I would love to see her with her curly locks…wear it proudly don't be black when its convenient to you…

  14. TT Gee

    Shes a prop for the Women of Color epidemic in the Political world takeover.


    harry is an ungrateful man. betrayed his country and family so much. he used his wife's ambition.history will never forget this.
    Diana was a real person , meghan is a tv show maker.

  16. Phindile Mthethwa

    Only thing I can say Princess Diana was so emotional abuse but she try hard to hide her abusive to this Royal family so in Norway days no chance for that bullshit is bullshit like it or not, my opinion.

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