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Animating in Photoshop – Step by Step Tutorial

This video is an updated version of a previous video I made about how to animate in Photoshop. I tried to cover all the useful stuff you might need to get started animating within the software.

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What software am I using?
Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D (Currently with Redshift)

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  1. man. about 7 years ago I'v drawn a video game, all using frame animation. I tried to pick up animation several times after that. I was curious why is it so damn hard and tedious but too stupid to google what I was doing wrong. Today I felt inspired to try animating again, downloaded open toonz and just before getting into it decided to watch something about photoshop. Thanks to you I get it now) Video layers! so easy and cool!! In minutes I sketched the thing that woud take literal days with my noob approach)

    Now I wonder, is there a way to timewarp the result inside photoshop to make movements snappy? It seems like a lot of tideous work. The only way comes to mind is export, adjust in Ae and import back, but it's not very efficient.

    Thank you again. Peope like you make information affordable and support young talents. I wish I would find such a video 7 years ago – may be I wouldn't have to waste so much time:*

  2. The frame numbers are not visible for me even when I am completely zoomed in to the timeline. I searched everywhere but I haven't found any answer to my problem.

  3. Hi Olaf great video. I was thinking of buying TV Paint for animation but then i saw your video and feel that photoshop [which i already have] does the same thing. Or is there a big difference.
    [ps i can do all the camera angles stuff in after efffects or premiere.]
    your thoughts please.

  4. This has got to be one of the best process explanation videos I have ever come across. So clear. Might convert an animate cc user like myself to photoshop!

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