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Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan Interview for Entertainment Weekly

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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  1. Sebastian seems to have such a soft heart, maybe almost too soft. He must be protected. But Anthony is right, he's a hella good actor, cause he's done some roles where he's nothing like that at all, he can act fucking insane (literally and figuratively). But then he gunna cry cause Anthony said he was a good actor too.

  2. 2:40 – this laugh and reaction should be recognized as Intangible cultural heritage ?? At 3:35 I was thought he was hit to his head on the wall. Amazing reaction, btw ??? precious baby Seb!

    PT: 2:40 – A reação e a gargalhada dele deveriam ser tombados como patrimônio imaterial da humanidade. ?? Aos 3:35 eu pensei que ele ia dar uma cabeçada na parede! Melhor reação ??? Um neném desses!

  3. Sebastian sounds like he has anxiety and still tryna push through his sentence. I wish he just pause between his sentences to think. No hate..i use to have the same issue when i speak. Anxiety sucks

  4. I don’t want to be an actress but it’s nice to see that shy people can have amazing careers in acting. It sounds very stupid but I love this “shy” person representation❤️

  5. One of the best interviews so far. Loved how the interviewer allowed their dynamic to shine. And ended on an adorable note

  6. their convos are always so natural….chemistry off the charts. always makes their interviews fun to watch…it’s a rare quality. love them so much. they both deserve everything good that comes in their way ♥️

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