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Archie Turns 2! Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and More Royals Celebrate

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son, Archie, turned 2-years-old on Thursday, and while he may be an ocean away from his extended family, he received a ton of love. His parents, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton all wished Archie a happy birthday on social media.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. Dare You To

    The picture shown of Archie with balloons looks depressing and with only showing his back it could be anybody’s kid. A child actor perhaps?

  2. nana 's

    How cute 😍 hope your baby grow up well

  3. Hush Money

    Listen, you are not the first women to have a baby. So now you are average and no big deal.

  4. Arzeena1990

    Markle needs to go. Nobody likes you – get lost.

  5. merveilles100

    When Britain's tabloids, trolls will respect Harry wife maeby the world will look at britain's Royal F positively. What happen to this amazing woman is really sad.

  6. jass k

    As always royals have shown you can buy class just by marrying a prince.

  7. Mary Sanders

    The Duchess of Sussex. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer actively use their HRH titles as they will no longer be working members of the family as of Spring 2020.

  8. Alessio Susan

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  9. Margaret Proctor

    They don't need to be pushing their own agenda when they are showing the events of their 2 year olds birthday. That is just down right, STUPID!!!!!!!

  10. John Kerr

    Their discraceful both of them Megan again has taken a black and white photo with Archie's head turned ,what is the child deformed and it's a snub to the queen that she hasn't even seen the child or the second one when it comes

  11. ma boyd

    Salute to the gesture and.hoping for total.reconciliation even they are far away from.each other. And.hoping.people will stop posting negative post for harry and megan.

  12. Bose Bose

    Happy Birthday Archie🎊🎈🎈🎈
    I'm wondering why your mom always post your picture in a FAKE color.😂
    Maybe one day you ask your mom why your pics like this not natural color.

  13. Shen

    Meghan Markle’s plastic smile all but overshadows the cutie.

  14. Kate Healy

    She is not the only person in the world to have a child the way she goes on LECTURING all of us you would think she was an expert at 40

  15. Ellen

    I'd like to know how much the Sussexes are giving to the vax fund.

  16. J Gibbs

    Nice of the Queen and the rest of the royal family to send best wishes. Apparently they can number on one hand the number of times they have seen him. He hasn't been in the UK since November 2019 when he was 7 months old.

  17. Will Simpson

    This is one of many reason why I hate Harry's wife, she is I believe one of the best, if not the best at PLAYING the victim. All one needs to do is look at her prior relationships and see she is only looking out for her own interest to feed her ever growing ego. I don't even think she would blink an eye if it meant her life or Archie's life. That is how narcissistic I believe this woman is. I can only hope Karma will catch up sooner than later. She is nothing short of a vindictive, manipulative woman that takes advantage of every situation no matter who it hurts. And for those of you that feel sorry for Harry, well I can't help you, stupid is what stupid does. He is 36 years old if by this time he can not recognize a opportunistic gold digger then so be it. But don't be begging to come back to the Royal family that you so disregarded. For every action there is a reaction, and I predict you are in for alot of reaction. I don't wish you well you don't deserve it. Revenge is a dish best served cold!
    To say that I dislike Meghan is an absolute understatement, I frankly could care less about her as a person, BUT she has an enormous platform and this is why I will cast any doubt as to what a treacherous BITCH she is. Now the rest of you have a nice day. And may the Duchesses of Sussex die alone and sad much like her life. I have no sympathy for one that lacks one

  18. Aleta Blakely

    This is such a good time for Meghan and Harry to increase their commitment to their "good deed causes" so they can irradicate the negative "press" and move forward into what they actually are about.

  19. C Lee

    The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. My birthday wish for him is he gets to know both grandfathers before they die.

  20. Toffee Lover

    Gee a black and white photo….how predictable….from the back… original…..ahhhhh!!!!! Something new…not credited to Getty, but the photographers were, the Duke and duchess of Sussex……..not mom and dad….oh no,,,,,she just loves that title, from those wicked, mean Royals….she is certifiably off her rocker…..

  21. dAn

    What a pack of troublemakers.

  22. Johny Johny

    Happy, Happy Birthday Archie Mountbatten Windsor❤❤❤

  23. Bin2kay

    Happy birthday Arch, my donation toward vaccine equity in your honor coming right up 👍🏾

  24. Carly Hall

    BLM domestic terrorists New spokesman !

    Go away , lying oppertunist frauds !

  25. These so called Royal Reporters have no Idea what they are talking about.
    They speculate on the private lives of people like what they are saying is a fact.

    Your audience expect more than these lying so called Royal experts who recycle their script of lies to fit a certain narrative designed by the lying British Tabloids, Government and Royal Family.

    Fact checking should not be a luxury but a requirement. Allying yourself with Katie Nichols makes you complicit to bigger problem which is a lack of personal ethics…

  26. The Natster

    Sadly, the Queen and Prince Charles, will have to release the same pictures of Archie on all his birthdays, because they will probably never see him again.

  27. Joanne Brockum

    Who the hell cares millions of babies around the world turned.two

  28. zerocool1ist

    U know i think Meghan moved back to the U.S because she did not want a mysterious accident to happen to her like it did Diana. I think that might be going a bit far maybe she left because she got tired for being mistaken for the help.

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