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Asian Entertainers Talk Activism Efforts & Giving Back | Around the Table | Entertainment Weekly

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Daniel Dae Kim, George Takei, Olivia Munn, Dianne Doan, Hari Kondabolu, and Chloe Bennet sat down with EW on Sunday March, 14th 2021 to speak about their experiences as Asian artists and the rise in attacks against Asians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Asian Entertainers Talk Activism & Giving Back | Around the Table | Entertainment Weekly

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. toneisha johnson

    We know Drumpf scapegoated Asians because of his incompetence and his party was complicit.

  2. erty dfgh

    The different cardigan erroneously refuse because robert technologically trouble astride a good venezuelan. level, misty hydrofoil

  3. jon sertic

    we stand with our asian friends. much love and respect from england. the world is watching ….

  4. Sheng Ye

    All Asians from all groups must come together. Yes we have our differences but we have more in common than we think. All good people from white, black, Hispanics Asians and LGBTQ need to come together to fight racism.

  5. Nina Peace

    Makes me sad ? and angry ?
    It’s horror !
    It’s absolutely a hate crimes towards Asian people!
    The white dude that killed Asian women and other in Atlanta should be capital punishment!

  6. Remus Yee

    i don't know why Maggie Q is not on this call. she has become such a powerful woman with a powerful platform that can amplify this.

  7. Sheng Ye

    Where’s Tiger Woods? Naomi Osaka? These Asians need to stand up and speak out. Support their Asian brothers and sisters.

  8. JT

    Be safe out there, people. America is not a safe place right now.

  9. miu T

    Just a thought, maybe instead of beating people up and killing them, we can learn each other languages and culture so that we can be more well rounded? ??‍♀️

    It would be amazing if Americans are trilingual.

  10. Lilly Pak

    Seems like these attacks can possibly be organized.

  11. Montecristo Conde

    You had never showed the same intense solidarity to your fellow subjugated Asians in your countries of origin nor with other minorities. Now you're suffering the same and raise your voices a little too late. What we're witnessing now is due not only to white supremacism. Your cowardice and selfishness is working against you as well.

  12. Amy Wu

    Tons of respect for George Takei. As he mentioned, the racism stems since the beginning of American history. No matter how hard we work, how much fluent English we speak (for those who are native born), we are, and will always be considered as minorities. It’s up to us and our next generation to fight back, and fight back really hard. Remember, the racists and cowards would target those are vulnerable…our elderly, women and who knows one day our children. We need to educate and train our community on how to fight back both explicit and none-explicit racism.

  13. MrROKinROK

    If I hadn't watched Star Trek, Lost, The Newsroom, Warrior, and Agents of SHIELD, et al. I could've mistaken this for a round table of college professors. This is a bright, articulate lot.

  14. Mra Larocco

    THANK YOU George Takei!!! Providing the history of America's racist behavior from its beginning. So many Americans have suffered due to this useless ignorant behavior. We are changing but we should always have the need to change for the better.

  15. Mra Larocco

    White supremist Republican cancel culture and treason is as old as America. (Civil War = Canceling Human Rights) The list is endless from Music, Art, Movies, Science, CDC guidelines, Actors, anyone not white, climate change, education, mathematics, healthcare, TV Shows, denial of causing every single recession under every single Republican President and voting for all Americans. They just don't like that they are reaping what they sow.

  16. Mra Larocco

    Republican Cancel Culture is at it again canceling Americans they don't like.

  17. I was an innocent man. They had not one reason to poison me. Not even close to a reason. A cop did that without cause. Disgusting. Chinese are africans to.

  18. Cox kocs king of china smith the plumber who died on a toilet like elvis butt came back to life. That really happened. All my organs restarted one by one. I felt them all start working again. It wasnt fun at all. They overdosed me.and I caught them. They cried begged for forgiveness like little babies afterward. That was real.

  19. Matt Villanueva

    In school (IN) they taught us that no asian people appeared for the transcontinental railroad's completion photos; not that they had been ordered out of the pictures.

  20. Rhonda Browning

    I absolutely hate prejudice. It is so sad that people all types of people are horrifically abused. It is Human nature . We have good and bad in every race. I truely can’t understand the mentality of sick individuals who get pleasure out of other peoples misery ❤️Any excuse it seems race religion money all excuses to provoke ?What happened to love your neighbours you would yourself. We all bleed the same colour.Only God can fix this broken world.

  21. Willie Nillie

    Not just in the movie industries but all industries from blue collar to white collar jobs. We need to break that glass ceiling. Thank you all.

  22. Willie Nillie

    I understand exactly where Chloe is coming from. When your name is Chloe Wang, the moment they see your name, they toss your resume, but when your name is Chloe Bennet, it’s like oh..a white girl until they see you.

  23. Joanna Hoang

    This is good for an Asain entertainers come together. I want to see more of us coming out more than ever…?????❤

  24. Lanchiang Lo

    Thank you so much guys, you all and coupled with Andrew Yang is the Iron-Voices for Asian Americans right now during these hard times, god blessed you all…stay safe out there all…

  25. Peter Garcia

    We are closer to being Native Americans than any other race.

  26. wellnative1

    Often when discussing people of color, we are never mentioned. So thank you for mentioning "the century long terrorist campaign against Indigenous people" when Europeans came to this country. And it continues today… MMIW – Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. Great discussion. Miigwech for sharing.

  27. Can I just say that we White people dont like to see Asians of different enthnic groups come together and work together. We enjoy watching Japanese hate on Chinese and Korens hate on Japanese and Vietnamese hate on Chinese. So maybe there is a silver lining in all this.

  28. Randy Ong

    I’m a proud Asian man and I’m ready for anything. Will die for my family and protecting my Asian brothers and sisters out there.

  29. L Basile

    Thank you George Takai, for the history and prospective.

  30. L Basile

    Very good points and topics. This reminds me the TV series the Worrier, it’s so true the issue exists always in America!

  31. H M

    Did you speak out when it was black folks"…. "and then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out"
    We must fight the hate together

  32. Big Smiles

    Your mother asked you what did you do when something went wrong?? Lol pretty sure that’s a good question and asked by mother’s of all races. This girl talking about white supremacy – what is the call to action here?? Shame and point fingers at white people for being white? All of you are at least half white! ????

  33. Scottie Scott

    During the George Floyd protest and Black Lives Matter protest, I saw a lot of White and Hispanic people marching with us. But very few Asians. Now they realize that we're all in this together. Let's march together for a true America. Please continue to vote so that we will never again have an idiot running this great country.

  34. Jesse Larsen

    Please stop using the word minority to refer to people who are not "white." You all are by far the world majority of humanity. And don't forget misogyny is as harmful .

  35. James S

    GREAT conversation…THANK YOU!! I learned more about asian American history in the first ten minutes of this then was ever taught in school because there was NEVER ANY mention of it here in the usa! This IS ALSO American history…MORE SHAME on ??!! AAPI LIVES MATTER!!!

  36. Vicky Reveche

    It's weird that this zoom meeting is not watched as much as other meeting. Hopefully this can be reached more people worldwide.

  37. kim ingay

    I'm not rich and I didn't care and I doesn't care or I don't care about Money's because my Heart's is Rich to helps, distribution and contributions to responding in covid19, climate change and UNICEF foundation in charity's

  38. kim ingay

    I love you Guys no matter who you are and who we are the important is we RESPECTs treated and RESPECTING to each other's.

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