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Astrophotography Settings And Tips | How to Shoot Stars and the Night Sky

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In this tutorial, award-winning astrophotographer Phil Hart shares his photography advice to show you how to shoot great photographs of the night sky, stars, space and the moon. From how to choose a sturdy tripod to setting up your camera properly, what lens to choose and where to focus, to what exposure settings to use, here are his tips for awesome night sky photography and astrophotography.

0:53 – Equipment
1:12 – Focus
1:38 – Exposure
1:55 – ISO
2:15 – White Balance
2:28 – Star Trail
3:04 – Time Lapse

You can find our full range of tips and tricks here:

Phil Hart has been enjoying and photographing the night sky for nearly twenty years. His award winning photos have been published in books, magazines and popular websites around the world. He is the two-time winner of the David Malin Astrophotography Award and author of the Shooting Stars eBook. He has previously run Night Sky Photography Workshops in partnership with Michaels Camera Store in Melbourne.

You can find more of Phil’s work at

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Luis Garcia

    Lmao I left my tripod in NY smh, it’s the first step

  2. Laurel McMillin

    This is great! I need a tripod to start this. Your tips were so straightforward and easy to follow. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

  3. Andrew Parker

    Thank you!!!! I have been trying to figure out how to do this forever!!!!

  4. Keith Rogers

    Excellent short tutorial and straight to the point, This video was excellent and concise….Many Thanks for sharing your experience…

  5. Ash

    Thank you sir..
    Dear Co-tubers pls stop bothering about his voice and concentrate on his message..

  6. Andrew Bruce

    Wasn't expecting to see a picture of Dunnottar Castle in this video. Amazing place, just beside my hometown in Scotland.

  7. Tony

    Think this was the only video i've found that makes absolute sense from beginning to end.

  8. Roberto buitrago

    Hacen falta cámaras Sin espejo, con cuerpos grandes para que no se calienten, modulares que puedan intercambiar sensores más espealizados para fotografía o video, que el sensor para video tenga gran tamaño físico y pocos megapíxeles, esos sensores de de pocos mpx pueden ser buenos para fotos para subir a redes sociales de buena calidad y poco peso. Deberían haber por ejemplo sensores de 35mm y 2 mpx, fácilmente reemplazables cómo se dijo antes. Antes

  9. Jesse Holm

    Just think about it if every single lights goes off for a one night. I wonder how many people actually wanna sleep, or whether they would stare from the starry sky until morning?

    I would probably enjoy that moment as the last day of my life

  10. Casper Uchiha

    I'm still getting too much light, perhaps I'll try changing the ISO and Aperture hopefully it works
    UPDATE: I put ISO to 100 and it looks perfect.
    TIP- Try experimenting with the ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed for better results 💪🏻

  11. jeremy pinder

    so which mode you had it on i was told to put it on tv mode drop the iso to 100 and have a faster shutter speed so i want to get my night time photography down pack then sooner or later i will get a much better camera. i have a old canon camera from 2006 and it's a 10.1 mega pixel camera so you know i want a better mega pixel camera later on but i need some help

  12. Raysal Jmr

    I find myself constantly itching to clear my throat listening to him 😁

  13. Viet

    Thank you so much, Phil, great video, very well present.

  14. Clayton Ostler

    I have watch way too many video on night sky photography without suggestions of settings. Thank you for showing us your settings and how you get your shots. This video was excellent and motivates me to try again

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