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BDO Worker Node Empire Guide of 2021 – Best Nodes to Invest for Easy AFK Money!

Welcome to our own Black Desert Online Worker Node Empire Guide of 2021! This is an indepth guide for both beginners and veterans alike on Node Investments and Worker Functionality.

Discover which nodes are best to be invested and gather for Free and Easy Passive Income or AFK money this 2021. The start of the video is about basic explanation for workers and soo please use the timestamps below for easier navigation on the video:

Worker Node Empire – 0:35
Contribution Points – 1:25

Hiring Workers – 2:02
Worker Races – 2:46
Worker Tiers – 3:44
Worker Promotion – 4:21
Worker Skills – 5:25
Feeding Workers – 5:55

How to Invest in Nodes and Start worker – 6:40
Excavation Nodes – 9:27

Balenos Region – 10:49
Serendia Region – 12:09
Calpheon Region – 13:48
Mediah Region – 14:34
Valencia Region – 15:55
Kamaslyvia Region – 17:18
Duvencrune/Dreighan Region – 17:58
O’dyllita Region – 18:17

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. tomi mänty

    ok video, would like to have bit more info on workers, like there is 2 type of all 3 rece workers so does that carry to the high tiers or does it level out?

  2. Troll Trololoev

    До сегодняшнего дня не знал что желтых рабочих можно в оранжевых улучшить. Спасибо за информацию ну и лайк 😉

  3. Largo

    Is there an effective strategy for spending CP in towns and cities? I find i quickly blow a ton on just storage space

  4. Robbie Leigh

    Ok I've searched and searched and if it's in the comments I do apologise but um…. I have made over 135 million in silver in my inventory, what the hell do I spend it on?? I cant in central market or the pearl shop so how?? Please help new player here. I'm a Mystic at lvl 59.

  5. Richard Lovato

    Great video!! You didn't mention the best node for Mass of Pure Magic, its called Mountain of Division, is at the north of Bahit Sanctum Node and 6 times more faster for Mass.

  6. Sędziwój

    You didn't mention about lodging and workload vs workspeed. Some good nodes:
    Bazaar Farmland – Nutmeg
    Weenie Cabin -> Grow Mushroom (Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom)
    Bazaar Farmland – Teff
    for EU prices, and Abandoned Iron Mine is bad node to invest, because it cost too much CP.

  7. HoodrichShinobi

    thank you very good guide. I am a new player. I am extremely frustrated because I cannot figure out how to completely reveal the map. People say that you have to talk to all the npc's with the question mark. But I go to the "harpy abductor" question mark in Delphe knight castle and there is enemies there no NPC? So I guess maybe I'm supposed to just kill the harpies to reveal more of the map? That just seems really strange. Is this the reason that some icons on the map are gray? To make them lighter you have to talk to all npc and do all knowledge thing? I love the game so much but damn it's confusing af. I am a completionist type of MMO player so I just need to have all of these little things

  8. JoW

    Anbu website show nothing …?

  9. k.p

    Hey man nice video, do you mind if you share your graphics settings. It's really good!

  10. Luffy26hawaii

    Hey Sam awesome video keep it up! I have couple of questions. Are traces lucky procs needing human workers? And also workshop, refinery etc can my character do it or a worker has craft. I specifically wanna craft reform stone, but they say it takes about 20hrs too long for a worker to craft it. Thanks!

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