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Beginner on Adobe Premiere VS. Pro on iMovie – Editing Showdown!

To join our Ultimate Online Film School OR Watch our Free 1-Hour Training:

To see the FIRST Competition: Beginners w/ RED vs PRO w/ Canon SL2:

To see links to all the audio gear in this video:

To learn how to create, market, and sell online courses:

Music in this video by BythewayMay, you can license their music here:

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Eslam Rihan

    It's all about good resolution camera will help for editing for sure

  2. Shameer 9606

    Honestly I didn’t know that we can do this type of editing on imovie 🥴

  3. Gabriel Alvarado

    btw I just wanna say that the equipment u use doesn't make u better u can still make quality stuff with the worst editing software so if u want to make videos u don't need to spend money just use what u have

  4. Royce

    Please share for me information of Mouse you are using in video. Im so excited with that device

  5. Giio _

    Plot twist this was edited on davinci

  6. HillierSmith

    This video proves all you really need is your skills in the execution of the story.

  7. Saif Hasnain

    Who is the best now? primer or i movie ? I speak arabc can’t understand all what you said in video

  8. VIDEO IDEA…. how about you put a sefl taught pro vs someone with a degree…. ;D

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