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Beginners Guide To Urban Photography

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Beginners Guide To Urban Photography
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Urban photography is a very broad genre. Some people associate it with cityscapes, buildings and architecture, whereas others may think of it more as ‘street photography’ in which you capture shots of people going about their everyday lives. To be honest, I think all these fall into the spectrum of urban photography. It is what you make it, and it’s about being creative with your shots whilst out exploring these urban environments.

Although some people feel a little uneasy at first to be taking photos out in the public eye, (I know that I certainly did when out exploring urban jungles trying to find the perfect shots, yet you have people looking at you) but if photography is something you really love, it is always good to branch out and try something new, to push your photography skills and abilities to different levels and experiment with different angles and perspectives…don’t be put off by the people around you and in turn, interrupting your creative flair. Once you start capturing awesome shots, you’ll look back and wonder why you even felt awkward at all!

So let’s get to it here’s our guide to urban photography



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