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Beginning of Street Photography / Street Photography for Beginners

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Street Photography Tips & Techniques for People who really love Street Photography, But never started doing it for different reasons.

I am a beginner myself. So i understand you and I have included points which helped me to get started in the field of Street Photography.

I wish you all the Best & I am sure YOU CAN !!

Music : bensound-groovyhiphop

Thumbnail Photo : Pexels under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Rama Lakshmanan

    I miss your old B/W video. Why not consider uploading it again …

  2. Rama Lakshmanan

    Watching one of your videos after a LONG gap (too long). You have such a kind, encouraging and uplifting manner, it is just a joy to watch you and be educated. I have had some tough times here in the UK with continued mistreatment in the healthcare system and have not been able to take any photos for two years after years of earlier enthusiasm. I hope to push through the barrier now – I will let you know if I succeed! One good thing about the forced hiatus is that I have become more reflective about my ideas – since I am mostly mirrorless, that wasn't a pun :-). Take care and God bless you always. Rama

  3. Tracy Hansen

    A lot of good points. In the 80s I was in India three different times, I was there primarily to take photos so I did a lot of street photography in the different area I went, from big cities to more rural areas. India is a street photographer's paradise. Of course, in those days, I used film with two Nikon FM2 cameras … usually, one with color film and one with monochrome. The FM2 is a completely manual camera so I learned all the manual elements and got pretty fast at composing, and setting up the technics, not to mention changing to a new roll of film quickly. Your vid brought back a lot of good memories.

  4. Jas Mann

    Really good advice Bro. Do you have a Flickr account or similar where we can view your photos. Would love to see a video of you shooting out in the street.

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