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Bernie Sanders REACTS to His Viral Inauguration Mittens Memes

The 79-year-old senator gave his reaction to the viral Inauguration Day moment on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers.’

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Richard Bright

    Sitting there like he's Emperor Paltapine . Sure looks like one

  2. Zero Fighter

    A lot of those people- myself included- were watching Biden's inauguration to see if he'd catch a bullet.

  3. John's Journey

    My favorite is the ufc meme when Bernie has a guy in an arm bar

  4. Sophie K

    I love the mittens that he wore, they apparently were repurpose from a sweater with a fleece lining by Jean Ellis 2nd grade school teacher. In college I bought an alpaca sweater made in Peru that looks almost identical to design/ colors of those mittens, I still have that sweater… maybe mittens is in it's future

  5. Benjamin Gal-Or

    \\ Daily read at least (1) KING SOLOMON PROVERBS (2) ROBERT GREENE WISEST WORDS, AT YOU-Tube July 8, 2019 ''The Laws of Human Nature" //// Have a good day \\ New study on EU failures to control Corona v. US & other nations //// E.G.-[Deaths/1M-POP: -Belg 1,822 -Itl 1,421 -Hung 1,231 -SPAIN 1,2O3 -Frnc 1,097-Swis 1,074 -Port 1,043 – \\ % Fatalities on Oct 22/Nov 2/Dec 4, 9, 12, 20, 24/Jan 26/> -[Germ] -1.97-.61-.67-.68-.77-.83-2.48 [*******] >[NL] -2.11-1.78-.71-.68-.55-.49-.42 >[Finl]-2.20-1.54-.51-.51-.49-.54-.53 [**] >[U.S.]-2.51-1.95-.88-.87-.79-.77-.67 >[Brazil]-2.89-.71-.66-.65-.59-.57-.45 >[France]-2.69-.40-.44-.44-.47-.47-.40 [****] >[Spain]-2.89-.72-.72-.73-.72-.69-.08 [**] >[AU]-3.28-.25-.24-.24-.23-.21-.16 [*]>[Canada]-4.30-3.15-2.98-.86-.82-76-.55 >[UK]-4.51-3.59-.54-.53-.35-.21-2.69 >[Sweden]-4.78-2.57-.39-.35-.18-.09-.01 >[China]-5.39-.35-.35-.35-.34-.33-.20 [*]>[Iran]-5.69-4.92-.75-.74-.63-.17 >[Italy]-5.47-4.35-3.49-.51-.59-.54-.47 [****] >[Mexico]-9.92-.82-.49-.26-8.91-.48 >US EARLIER:> Oct 22 -2.75, Jan 26 -1.67 /////////
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  6. yep me

    I didn't watch it and a lot of my friends didn't watch it

  7. Pressy Tony

    De hecho, quiero usar este medio para agradecer al Dr. Obudu por sus grandes hazañas en mi vida y mi familia, estuve casado por más de 6 años, después de estos años las cosas comenzaron a ponerse feas y tuvimos peleas y discusiones casi todo el tiempo, empeoró. en un momento en que solicitó el divorcio. Hice todo lo posible para que cambiara de opinión y se quedara conmigo. Pero se mudó de la casa y aún así solicitó el divorcio. Supliqué e intenté todo, pero nada funcionó. Cuando se mudó, comencé a extrañarlo a él y a los niños también.
    El gran avance se produjo cuando un amigo me presentó a este maravilloso y gran lanzador de hechizos llamado Dr. Obudu ( que finalmente me ayudó. Nunca he sido fanático o creo en cosas como esta, pero decidí intentarlo porque estaba desesperado y no tenía otra opción.
    Hizo oraciones especiales y usó raíces y hierbas. Dentro de las 24 horas posteriores a la finalización del hechizo mi Esposo que me dejó me llamó y se arrepintió de todo el trauma emocional que me había costado, se mudó de regreso a la casa, lo lindo es que la discusión y el odio innecesario ha desaparecido. Por primera vez hemos vivido juntos durante 2 meses sin pelear ni discutir. Qué maravilloso milagro hizo el Dr. Obudu por mí y mi familia. Les estoy diciendo a todos las buenas noticias porque no me avergüenza luchar por mi familia lo que sea necesario …
    Puede enviarle un correo electrónico o WhatsApp … ( +1 503-773-9114) Gracias, Dr. Obudu, por todo lo que hace para hacer del mundo un lugar mejor para vivir…

  8. Conrad Martinez


  9. Melinda Sandberg

    Lol. More then trump. The fact that YouTube had to RESET THE dislikes.. cause it was greater tells you something.

  10. Adriana Rizo

    She needs to make and sell those. But not donate to dems.

  11. shannon collins

    Them mittens were epic. It’s great to know they were hand made by a teacher ❤️❤️ Bernie for the win

  12. John_Doe

    Bernie. Wanted to be the President of the United States, Had to settle with Memes.

  13. America you just did another stupid mistake by not choosing this man, I mean really is Biden better than him ? that what burns my heart , that you know he will do better yet other senarios come in the way

  14. Mr. Natural

    How ironic the maker of those mittens stopped because she was getting taxed out the wazzoo for making them.

  15. Cynthia Jones

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  16. Sarah P

    I’ve designed a shirt with Bernie on it. It’s sooo cute. It’s on my Etsy shop if you’d like to have one 🤗 Etsy Shop: DreamifyDesign

  17. M L

    The maker of the mittens Jenn Ellis is a busy 2nd grade school teacher and a Mom. In a recent interview she said that she doesn't have the time to run a business anymore. In the last week, she did make a few more pairs of mittens that were just auctioned off to charity.

  18. Darrell Powell

    Obviously people LOVE Bernie and this meme is the sort of thing you do to someone beloved.

  19. suzy Cochran

    What a Joke you are!! ET Tonight 40 million did not watch the bullshit show!!! When will the media tell the fu*king TRUTH??? My guess is NEVER!!!

  20. MyDix 2small

    More people watched biden's inauguration on media, because we're all locked in our houses Kevin, you stupid piss ant!

  21. KT11374

    These mittens didn't only warm up Bernie's hands, but they brought such warmth to so many people's hearts as we all needed it after a long dark cold era!!


    He's wearing home made mittens and wears them to the core. What a humble dude.

  23. Edward

    It’s the people who can post Bernie memes but can’t post his policies that would help working Americans for me. But I guess now that Biden is in we can all go back to sleep or to brunch.

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