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I decided to show you some of the top 5 video editing apps!

Hope this video was helpful 🙂

Thanks for watching!


Any suggestions? Let me know!

Shoutout to Gabrielle Marie for the kaleidoscopes

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. G 9INE Music

    Best Editing App 5 STARS 🌟 for both Android and IOS & ITS FREE…is Inshot 👌💯🔥❤

  2. Chellous Nonan

    KINEMASTER is my only use for my videos and of course i use this application without watermark

  3. Sigrid

    How do you Get the Message effect?

  4. Niraishere

    Also here’s some I recommend personally :>
    Cap Cut, really smooth transitions with no watermark 🙂
    InShot, nice for normal videos without traditions and had a removable watermark
    KineMaster, a classic as we know

    Anyways these one that you suggested are great too :))

  5. Blaze Studios

    Can you show me how to fix errors on kinemaster on iPhone when the export it and the export freeze

  6. mirolla miro

    there is also kinemaster it is really good too 💗🥰

  7. ok

    im just here cus shes on the vita ad

  8. Retro_Gradez

    They forgot the god of every editing app… Premiere Rush it’s free and it’s on all devices, if you want more transitions you have to pay tho

  9. Cho_byeol __

    Hi dear
    Do u know any app in which we can edit our face on a scene from drama or movie
    If u know pls let me know 😊

  10. nae

    KineMaster is pretty good too

  11. the worm

    Video star (for edits) and videofxlive (for actually recording live, inserting clips) good too y’all

  12. Pieces Gonzales

    how about kinemaster? how to remove the watermark on it without using splice app?

  13. namasaya_sb

    Hope you can post a video of how you edit your video(I'm new here so if you did it, sorry)

  14. Rainyalt

    Try KineMaster too! I love that app and use it all the time

  15. k o z j a

    How do you put subtitles on your videos ?

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