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Best Video Editing Software For Windows 7,Windows 8(8.1) & Windows 10 (FREE) 2018

Hello everyone,in this video I am going to tell you guys about best video editing software for windows operating system that is windows 7,windows 8,windows 8.1 & windows 10.Which are pretty easy to use or I can say they are very good software for beginners as well as very functional.

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Best free video editing apps for android:

Gadgets & Gear I use(Affiliate)

For :
Memory Card:
Flash Drive:
Card Reader:
UV Filter:
Lens cleaning kit:
TV Tuner:
Wireless Routers:

For :

The three best free video editing software are(in the order as shown in the video)

AVS Video Editor link:

VSDC Free Video Editor link:

Windows Movie Maker 12 isn’t supported by Microsoft anymore,so no link is provided.

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  1. Sovan Dutta

    Hello everyone,thanks for watching this video & also thanks for reading this message,if this video helped you even a little bit,then definitely do subscribe to this channel as it will motivate me to make more & more helpful videos for you guys,also its free to subscribe,then why not subscribe?

  2. Patricia Manalo

    Thanks for this editing software. Another good editor I have used is the ApowerShow. I really love this program because it helps me create unique and fashionable videos. It also have built-in tools to collage your videos. You may try it here if your are interested:

  3. Rohit Das

    How about photostage slideshow producer?

  4. MariusJ

    I think you guys are really mean to his voice! I mean *CMON*!!

  5. Smitha Muthu

    Windows movie maker is not free now? I am not able to download this windows movie maker. Any Help please?

  6. caprice.t

    I have a queston. Sovan Dutta , is personal use also for YouTube? Because I don't know what you mean by that. Also, great video!

  7. ZyR4A

    Dude thank you,you help my so much,Thumbs up can you subscribe to my channell.Again thank youuu

  8. Hazrul Hairi

    what the name software that you prefer if i want to edit video for wedding?

  9. Pratham Umbarje

    i liked ur video….can u tell me which software do u use for editing and screen recording

  10. AllWork

    Suggest me 32bit software video editing software

  11. GAME BOY

    you did not attach the download link.. its a mistake bro..

  12. Sakya

    heyyy just wanna say, it not called "logo" its called "watermark"

  13. Raja Dey

    thanks bro……………
    you r good tech…………………
    I like this video bro…………………….

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