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Bindi Irwin Reacts to TERRIFYING Dinosaur-Themed Nursery Gift From Brother Robert

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On Thursday morning, a sneak peek clip from Bindi Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell’s, upcoming Discovery+ special, ‘Crikey! It’s a Baby!,’ aired on ‘Good Morning America.’ In the video, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin and her husband of a year introduce their newborn daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, to the staff at the Australia Zoo where they both work. Bindi’s younger brother, Robert Irwin, also surprises his sister with a T-Rex-themed nursery.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Jess_Marie_G

    Grace is so beautiful and looks just like her mom!
    Chandler so sweet to Bindi, he is such a great brother to Robert.
    I just adore this family. Terri did a great job raising these kids!

  2. Julia Ostlund

    You can tell Robert absolutely loves being an uncle, It's so beautiful to see positive masculinity take form in today's generation.

  3. Simply Ivyvine

    Even better than Bruce the Dinosaur is the “if mom says no ask uncle Robert” sign with an arrow pointing to a photo of him

  4. Sandra Truster

    I would give anything to be Grace! To have the most wonderful parents, uncle, and grandma☺️! Plus, to be WANTED, not grudgingly tolerated like my parents were to me. That is, when I wasn’t being abused😢💔.
    Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, you are one lucky and BLESSED baby girl🥰!!

  5. When I went to the Toronto zoo I was shocked at the horrible conditions the animals were living in…but I can’t imagine the Irwin’s being a part of something like that so I hope the Australian zoo is much more humane. I hope. The animals should all be in a sanctuary.

  6. Preethi

    That is one family loved across the world. ❤️ from Canada 🇨🇦

  7. Rick Neenan

    I loved the nursery, Robert was so proud of his gift. Lol Maybe you could keep the bunnys on one side and the Jungle on the other.

  8. Theta Sigma

    Can you imagine being an American teenager visiting the Australian zoo and getting the park’s legendary late owner’s only daughter to fall in love with you? Literally a fanfic

  9. Julianna wilby

    I love how Robert and Chandler are just agreeing on how perfect it is

  10. the black canary

    I love the dino nursery . Grace warrior is absolutely precious 💓 steve will always be watching over her 👼

  11. John Hart


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