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Bindi Irwin Will Share Stories of Dad Steve With Baby Grace (Exclusive)

Only ET has your first look at ‘Crikey! It’s a Baby!’ ahead of its streaming premiere on Discovey+ on April 25.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Arlynn Dela Cruz

    His witching you guys..
    I believed that your Husband is a gift from ur Dad…

  2. Houdini Magpie

    I remember exactly what I was doing when my Grandpop called me to tell me Steve had died… (I bought a guppy that was pregnant and I was fishing all 23 of her babies out of the tank, I think I was 11) and I cried all day. He was my hero. He was so many people's hero. He was the best father, and would have been the BEST Grandfather ever. R.IP. Steve. You will NEVER be forgotten ❤️

  3. Biological Human

    Yeah because he’s not really dead and his son Bindi didn’t give birth to anything because he’s a man

  4. Laurie Tijerina

    She will know of your father through you and also from all the videos too Bindi ,don't worry . Your father is with you and I know he is proud of all of you. I bet he has seen your little girl and he's very happy. One day y'all see him again,you can count on that! Blessings to all of you. All of you are an amazing family!

  5. Christian Morgan

    you know Steve is really not gone he’ll always be here on the earth 🌍 Heaven is not only eternal life but also Reborn,Restoration,resurrection,and Reincarnation In the afterlife that he is right now

  6. 2oceanside

    The love and the feelings we have over the loss of a parent so young is devastating. No doubt you will miss him every day of your life. I lost my mom at a very young age but she’s never been forgotten and missed each day of my life. Enjoy the memories as you make new ones with your young family. Always remember it’s okay to cry. Thank you for sharing your life with the public. I love all of you. ❤️💋

  7. Gee that bought a tear to my eye. I was and everyone was devastated when the news of Steve’s passing broke. Can you imagine how awesome of a grandfather Steve would have been. 🙏🙏🙏💖🇦🇺

  8. I hope Bindi will have therapy because depression can sneak up on you especially after having a baby. She seems to me to be trying to be in control and strong too much. That won't last.


    I wished Steve was here too 😔 he has missed out on so much but he would be happy to know that his legacy continues 😊 and his family is still together ❤ thanks so much for sharing Bindi and Chandler💕🫂👑🥳🥂⚘👀 for Steve 🕊

  10. Zelda

    To who ever needs to read this, this is not the end of your story but the beginning of your testimony. Jesus never left you he just went ahead of you to prepare the way

  11. Liz W

    no worries bindi. steve lives in your heart and is part of grace. he already knows her. he watches over you both always 💜💜💜

  12. Liz W

    of course she will. duhhh. is this not common sense we didnt already know?

  13. NickieF7

    Duh, doesn't virtually everyone tell his or her offspring about their 'worthy' parents who are no longer here?

  14. Trisha

    They will never stop exploiting this poor family will they?

  15. Jennifer Coleman

    It's wonderful she has all the videos of her dad to share with her daughter. most don't. So she will know what her grandpa was like by watching him

  16. Dan Tuma

    Yes, I believe Steve is with you.

    I believe he is in Heaven looking down. I do pray that Bindi, Robert, and Terri accept Christ into their life.

    I pray for peace, strength and encouragement for the Irwin family as well.

    God bless anyone reading this. He is faithful!

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