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Bollywood News: बॉलीवुड की कपूर फैमिली की किरकिरी | Great Kapoor's

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. shut up

    Shame on u all…..why u all even judge its their life they can do whatever they want to,thats why foreigners treat u losers as low life,mind ur own family members & dont meddle in else's life i m sure u ppls family not very ideal & full of fights

  2. purplerain

    I think they always want to portray that they are above Indian culture and values. They seem to follow the western tradition where death of a person is seen as an occasion to celebrate his life with a funeral party. After tht funeral party everyone forgets the dead person and gets on with their normal lives. There is no mourning for 13 days as done in Hindu culture. These fake bollywood ppl take Hinduism name only when it serves their greedy purpose, rest of the time is spent in feeding their dark desires and big egoes.

  3. nihar ranjan Naik

    Kapoor family ke actor bhale hi parde par hero ka role adaa karte hon,lekin asal me saara khandaan daanav ke avtaar hain,kisi apne ke marne ke baad birthday ka jashn manana rakhyas logon kaa kaam hai

  4. Mamata LK

    घमंडी लोगों से क्या उम्मीद कर सकते है। पैसा शौहोरत जो Public कि वजह से उन्हे मिली है। ए लोग किसी के नही होते।

  5. priya mehta

    Jald hi yeh disgusting and cheap kapoors family khatam jo gayegi yeh bollywood mafia khatam hoga jaldi SSRians krenge inka kaam tamam

  6. mona kakkar

    Ye khud inka zmeer inki aatma sb mr chuken hain ''''udta punjab ny udta gutterwood!!!!!!!!''''''' Justice for ssr ''''jo mar kr bhi jinda h '''love uh ssr

  7. Rohan Singh

    inki jitni badi hasti h lekin inke rishte bhot hi neeche or saste hote h

  8. rashmi nirmale

    Not only Kapoor's even other well known actors and their kids behave in the same way they visit salon 1st to attend any funeral be their own blood relative just to make sure nail paint is intact or not

  9. Gandhiji in his autobiography confessed that his carnal lust got better of him to the extent that his father's death did not stop him. He opted to continue with the sexual act he was engrossed with. O bhaieee kapoor kandan tho Birthday mana raha tha, thoda dyan do kahe ko tension lete ho.

  10. Surender Sharma

    ab kapoor logo ka koi darm nahi hai muslim in ke betio sey muslim paidha kar rahi in ko sculer kiday khany sey hi fursat nahi hai

  11. Milind Phadnis

    I know one family in which all family members had decided many years ago that if anyone of them died by natural causes after living for at least 50 years, the other members would move on with their life as quickly as possible. In fact, one of the sick members of the family who suspected he did not have long to live mentioned in his will that he wants the others to not grieve for more than 3 three days and celebrate all festivals just like usual. This family is very well read and quite spiritual in nature and they follow a certain philosophical path wherein it is considered okay to just move on with life. I am not a fan of any Kapoor or any such family, but whether to celebrate birthdays or to grieve the dead for a year is their own personal matter. Just think about it. When there is a death in our family, we do not like neighbors poking too much into our personal lives beyond a certain threshold. Likewise, we should also not poke too much into the internal family affairs of others. You may like or hate a celebrity, and you can judge them as public figures too, but a modicum of respect should be maintained for their personal family dealings. There are other more important things to talk about.

  12. Patel Kiransinh

    वो बेशर्म नहीं है आप बेवकूफ हो…. क्योंकि आप बॉलीवुड वालों से शर्म की अपेक्षा करते हो….😂😂😂

  13. Hansha Rathod

    Besharm actress he 😠😠😠😠😠😠 Justice for sushant 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Justice for disha 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. DGDilip DGDilip

    Randhir is old and hence he is entitled for family time, on whatever pretex. Life is unpredictable. So happy birthday Randhir

  15. yam mi

    Bollywood ke Gataar family 🤮

  16. Dolly R

    They did the right thing… May be it was his last birthday.. he is old too…Bhagwan unko lambi life de

  17. Rajeev Nair

    Jab Ye log marenge tab enke bachhe bhi aise hi celebrate karenge..

  18. Rajeev Nair

    Shayad ranbir Kapoor ka next birthday nahi aayega aisa uske betiyone socha hoga esliye chote bhai ke Jane ko koi dukh nahi..last year rishi kapur ke death ke baad neetu kapur ne bhi apna bday manaya tha …aise logo ke liye koi word nahi.

  19. Saba Yasmine

    Shameless n emotionless people , high time we boycott these morons

  20. Hermione

    These people are utter shameless n thick skinned I've seen the party pix of janvi kapoor just after 2 weeks of her mother shree Devi's death. Drugs n money these two are their breath.

  21. Shamim Sorathia

    Celebriting nd sarin pic video on social media they cud celebrate in a simple way like fly n cake cutting only n a quiet dinner wth fly shameless people even randhir will go some day just no insaniyat left they want fame and money may be randhir must b not wanting the party kyu k onka khoon ka rishta hai but others don't care kiska chacha kiska Mama bus FUN

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