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Brad Pitt Makes Best Supporting Actress Nominees Blush at 2021 Oscars

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On Sunday, Brad Pitt presented the award for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 2021 Oscars. Amanda Seyfried, Youn Yuh-jung, Glenn Close, Maria Bakalova and Olivia Colman were nominated for the high honor, but Yuh-jung took home the trophy for her role in ‘Minari.’

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. NoGunPower

    No he did not ,she is a brilliant successful actress and she roasted pitt and journalists by giving such a suttle sarcastic speech

  2. GaLoS

    Brad is one of the few actors I still respect. He's a legend.

  3. D Legionnaire


  4. Ayse S

    he is so sweet. Brad is respectful to his audience in how speaks and how he behaves. Not many can captivate their audience's attention the way he does. But he manages to do so why? because he is humble, accepts his flaws. He is now helping others in their quest to becoming great actors/actresses and is regarded as a great mentor.

  5. Gem 1967

    Who are half these people ? And that was NOT Halle berry …

  6. Denise Paulsen

    What would you say when you get the opportunity to meet one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. I think I would faint.

  7. Live Smart

    Did she just sau "Seo" Jung Yoon?
    Isn't the actress name "Yeo" Jung Yoon?

  8. Drew wains

    brad pitt pronounced her name right and he made her so happy when she met her for first time

  9. Lisa Dobrev

    A lot of things are wrong with this ET news, starting from the title; why was Brad Pit's name shown, while Yuh Jung's name was not shown at all. Also she was not star strucked by Brad Pit, she was pinpointing that he never visited them/ it is a pleasure to meet you since you never came and see our "suffering" while shooting the movie-sarcasm. Also she mentions a lot about her name pronounciation, how come even the ET reporter mispronounced it. You all really disrespectful making this all about something else.

  10. 이봉열

    한때는 윤여정배우님의 성격과 이혼문제를두고 기가세다 드센여자다 라는 꼬리표가 붙어있었지요
    과거 한국의 문화로 비쳐볼때 여성은 남편에게 순종하고 조신하게 집안살림만 하고 남편뒷바라지에 온힘을 다해야한다는 폐습때문에 능력있는 여성들이 사회에 진출하기가 어려웠지요
    윤여정배우님의 성공이 한국에서 앞으로 더많은 여성분들의 사회진출에 모범사례가 될거라 생각합니다

  11. Disco Tina

    Brad Pitts clone that was not the real Brad Pitt … get real

  12. Holly C

    When you click a vid to watch B Pitt but listen to this annoying shit commentary

  13. Bodhi Zen

    She performed well especially at that firing scene she deserves this🤟

  14. Marilyn Bennett

    High point. Otherwise dull night. So much mediocrity in dress and the venue looked like a diner somewhere in America.

  15. sealedneji

    She wasn't blushing… She was actually calling him out for not involving himself in the film's production and underfunding it. Yuh-jung Youn has said that she had pay the hotels and travels herself during the shooting of film.

  16. Moragh Lippert

    Looks like Brad and many other H’woods are missing the ‘krome. Sad sad show.

  17. Becca s

    She was the highlight of the show.

  18. Yu Kay

    the reporter is so unprofessional.

  19. mommyjuju

    Who cares about Brad Pitt!!! You are the winner Madame!!!

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