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Candace Owens Says She’s SUING Cardi B After Twitter Feud

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On Tuesday, Candace Owens took to Instagram to say she’s suing Cardi B after the two battled it out on Twitter. It all started on Monday, when the conservative political commentator slammed Cardi’s GRAMMY performance on Fox News. After Owens and the ‘WAP’ rapper went back and forth on Twitter, Cardi shared a tweet that she alleged was written by Owens, saying that the author’s husband had an affair with Owens’ brother. Later, Owens tweeted that she planned to sue Cardi and posted a 13-minute video about the whole ordeal on IGTV.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Max Mul

    Hip hop shouldn't even be qualified as music let alone to be considered a culture, shitty generation

  2. Jackie Bryant

    Take down hellywood so sick of these untalented freaks.. Votes clearly don't count , obviously the proof is here. Our corrupt judges are headed out. Soon all will be revealed

  3. If this played out in court, suit and countersuit they would both win. They would probably be ordered to pay each other $1 or the judge would just tell them both to stfu.

  4. lexie mei

    at least cardi b doesn't have the mindset of a white nationalist

  5. Abdullah Rahim

    Candace Owens is the grand daughter of Clayton Digsbey. That's why she hate black skin so much.

  6. Sneakyninja 08

    bruh Cardi b makes Candace’s year salary in like 3 days like what’s the point of this..😂😂

  7. R C

    Cardi B lacks intelligence and Candace Owens has a low self esteem. Same difference. "Dis beech" always finds a reason to defend whites. She will soon be a Stacey Dash. Can't wait till she experiences racism and gets drags to the curb. Then shes come running back to find blacks who wont defend her.

  8. Jortal Portal

    Look at how far Candace Owens eyes are – from each other. One might wonder if there are two women's heads sewn together rather poorly. One side is accurate, the other side is racist. They alternate to confuse people. But it must be two people in there – fighting it out! Really weird looking. Candace's son is being abused – because he's being brainwashed by a lying, racist bully. Candace Owens is gonna pop pretty soon. Can't put that much hate inside a person – without exploding.

  9. Ros JJ

    One is classy vs one is trash. She is successful but not respected. So success comes at a cost. It is not the cost everybody wanna pay.

  10. Naj Matos

    It’s crazy Cardi actually said what Biden wanted from her he only wanted her to get her millions of followers to vote…. he used her for votes he didn’t care about crap Cardi had to say.

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