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Candid Street Photography Tips for Beginners

This advice works for anyone in any country. I hope this can help people deal with the awkwardness of candid street photography.
If you would like more videos like this please let me know in the comments.

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This video was made by my friend Will of Accent Fukuoka Studio. All credit to him for the good work.

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  1. Great tips, that’s essentially what I do although being in Britian you can get people stopping where they are and apologising for getting in your frame. Happens a lot actually! (Pretty sure I would do the same too)

  2. shout out to XH-1!! – do you find the image stabilization useful for photography or what's your reason for choosing to shoot with that? Also, as opposed to all other youtube channels, I want to play your videos at 0.5x speed to make them feel longer. Thanks for good tips!

  3. I'm commenting to just show my support, looking forward to see the growth of the channel!
    is the pd cuff your new buy? I don't remember seeing you using it before. I just got my one several days ago, and I really love it !

  4. Just for fun, get the Pentax-110 50mm f2.8. I got mine for $50 Mint on eBay… so you should be able to get it for $20 on the streets of Tokyo. No one will notice you with that lens. It's a tiny vintage lens. Short-telephoto lens, but people will think you're a tourist. The major downside is the 0.9m min. focusing distance + the need for a deep lens hood for extra contrast.

  5. Great Video! I wonder if one "technique" would be to take a candid picture of someone and THEN talk to them like "hey that looked very cool, take a look" and then show them the picture. I guess that takes the "getting caught" aspect away. What do you think, Alex? Keep up the good work!

  6. Man, I was thinking Fukuoka is pretty lax about the mask compared to Tokyo… before reading your comment ?
    The staying faking taking pictures after the people I took pass by me is my most used trick. But recently, I started faking checking my Apple Watch like I got a notification or something… Works quite well!

  7. Nice little present-video ? I love how people react when shooting “past” them – oh, not me!? around here people are uncomfortable when confronted with handheld cameras

  8. Great tips. The no-eye contact is my go-to. It's rescued me from hostile reactions many times haha. My favourite tip though was the awkward phone-high-five 0:27.

  9. "You are already shooting a stranger on the street, right? So …" Wow, I always thought you shoot your neighbor! Also japanese Bello at 3:00 haha. The good old Kamlan + XH1 days. Now you are all Leica and bling bling. WE TRUSTED YOU! haha. Nice tips and chill vibe <3

  10. 1. Relax. This video was made pre-pandemic.
    2. Street Photography as a genre is completely subjective to your goal and I'm not saying any one way or not is best. Just giving my advice to people who choose to shoot as I and many others do.
    3. No, "just because you're in Japan and Japanese people.." etc is not a valid argument over my ability to do candid street photography here. I do these things back home in America and never had any bad experiences. Being smart and picky is always the most important thing and that comes only through experience, knowledge of your environment and it's people.
    4. Make mistakes. Don't be shy. Embrace the fact people everywhere all over the world feel awkward doing street photography and you're learning just like everyone else.
    5. Thanks for watching! Stay humble.

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