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Canon Rebel T3i (9 Years Later): Still The Best DSLR For Beginners

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Canon Rebel T3i:

Are you trying to get into the world of professional video production but are locked in a budget? Could a DSLR from nearly a decade be best next camera for you? I take a look at the Canon Rebel T3i (600D) which, after more than 9 years, still stands as one of the best options for a first DSLR. Enjoy!

Outro Song: “Beautiful Dreamer” by Rachel Fannan

Intro Song: “Where is My Mind (8-Bit / Bassnectar Remix)” by Adam Sharp:

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. henryefry

    I just picked up a t3i with the kit lens, 50mm prime and telephoto lens for 350.

  2. Doesn't Matter

    Hi. I was just about to sell my Rebel T3i but you’ve changed my mind in five minutes. Thank you. Why did I want to sell it? Because the video doesn’t have auto-focus and I find that it’s difficult to focus on yourself if you’re trying to record yourself. If that makes any sense haha. Any tips for that?? Thank you in advance.

  3. Uhh Hona

    I’m just trying to get a good beginner camera so I can do self portraits

  4. DomZombie8 Gaming

    im looking at a canon rebel t3i that's 12 years old comes with two lenses. Im new to photography and wandering if this one would be to old and is $350 a good deal

  5. Jason Andrews

    This was my first ILC camera back in 2015. I bought it from a guy who got started shooting with it, then moved up the chain and started doing pro work.
    After it helped fuel my passion for three years, I upgraded, and sold it on to a third beginner friend of ours who's just getting into photography.
    If cameras were judged by their ability to kindle a lifelong passion, this one would be an all-star 🙂

  6. Wayne Ruppert

    Thanks for your endorsement – looking for a starter camera for my teenage son. I just found it. Thx!

  7. Dia Martin

    should i purchase this or would an iphone be enough?

  8. Jose Escobar

    Saw one for sale for $200 and I really enjoy taking pictures with my iPhone but I want something more professional for fun 🙂

  9. ggwildlife

    These days i use a Canon 5D mkIII but 9 years ago I purchased the Canon 600D (UK) and it was the best camera i ever bought and that still stands today, it is an amazing little camera, its been loaded up with magic lantern when that first hit the web and has been updated ever since, couple with the nifty 50 1.8 is amazing and the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Lens for my wildlide photography and also the Sigma 150mm Macro lens which i used for movies of insects, it also house a mic jack.. but the articulated screen was a game changer and to get me even closer to the wildife was something that was ever spoke about regarding this camera and it worked amazingly well.. was the 3x Zoom feature, try searching you tube about it.. was ever hardly mentioned, if there was one camera i had to keep it would be the 600D for sure mine is still in mint condition, its also the perfect light camera to carry on holidays with the nifty 50 and does great movies. great video thank you for bringing all the nostalgia back.

  10. Juan Espinosa

    After nine year of using it as a hobby ijust started my own business since I don't have $ for a new and fancy one. Clients love their pictures.

  11. TEZ

    Hello, I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me 😉 — I recently acquired an old Canon Rebel XT with some lenses, and I was planing on upgrading to the T3i since it seems a lot better than the XT. I was wondering if the lenses my XT came with are compatible with the T3i, and would this set up work good for starting out in astrophotography and some landscape photos? – The lenses are ~
    – Canon Efs 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6
    – Canon Efs 35-80mm 1:4-5.6
    – Canon Efs 80-200mm 1:4.5-5.6
    – Quantaray for Canon AF 145-400mm 1:4.5-5.6
    – Also an assortment of uv haze filters, polarizers, wide angle hood, etc.

    I’m going to be doing some more reading on these accessories and photography in general to get a better understanding of everything so I can get out there and start taking photos! But I was curious on your thoughts if these lenses with a T3i would work out well for starting out, and if you recommend anything else I should get it would need. Sorry for the long noob comment, thanks for your time !

  12. ViejoSalse

    Thanks! I'm looking to enter this world of DSLR just for photos. This get quite handy. Subscribed!

  13. Plasmamuffins

    I just bought one online for $200 with an 18-55 lens and a 55-250 lens. I’m excited to get it 🙂

  14. salsysalsa

    Looked for a video reference because I was going to sell mine to someone, but after seeing this I'm keeping the camera! I've had mine since I was 17 im now 24!

  15. CBW0314

    Hi there I live in SF as well, would it be possible to trade contacts I would love to talk to you about YouTube and photography. I also have a T3i

  16. J G

    I got one for $100 from my friend I’m a noob

  17. Nick Faulkner

    I'm still using my rebel t3 just for photos because I use my iphone and gopro for better video

  18. Hyakutake

    I had a 70d years ago when I had money (somehow)…… I sold it when times got tough and now I'm gonna get a t3i off ebay soon.

  19. David Mota

    Just got a t3i! Could you post a link of a lens you reccomend 50mm f1.8?

  20. Moriah

    I just got mine but every time I try to record it says” recording stopped automatically “

  21. James Sepello

    1:42 you seem to suggest using a Panasonic GH5 to record this video "shakes fingers at camera", 6:12 says your using a T3i. I'm confused. Doesn't matter, to me anyway. Impressive channel BTW.

  22. Vegetal0l

    dont sell your t3i's lol its actually good for zoom, streaming, webcam uses compared to the regualr pc webcams haha

  23. Yeshaya

    I sold my rebel T3 I and I’m buying another one again lol

  24. Baggage Claim

    Im going to switch from voiceover to video recordings for my channel, and this video helped me choose my camera! Thank you – very helpful!

  25. Jake

    just got one for 20$ 😁

  26. Bigotón Brand

    Bought one for my 9 year old. She's uograding from the instax. Already in the gear aquisition syndrome phase

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