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CBS’ United States of Al: Two-Part Conversation with the Cast and Producers and Entertainment Weekly

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Join the creators and cast of CBS’ new comedy The United States of Al for a two-part panel discussion on the buzzed-about new series with Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice.

Part I: Chuck Lorre, Dave Goetsch, Maria Ferrari, Reza Aslan, and Mahyad Tousi
Part II: Adhir Kalyan, Parker Young, Dean Norris, Kelli Goss, and Elizabeth Alderfer

Centering on the friendship between a Marine combat veteran readjusting to civilian life in Ohio (Young) and his unit’s interpreter from Afghanistan trying to begin a new life in the US (Kalyan), The United States of Al is a heartfelt and hilarious look at the deep friendship that happens in combat and the bonds that transcend culture. Hear the producers and stars talk with Rice about the making of the series — why they wanted to make a comedy about the aftermath of war, how they developed the characters and achieve the authentic storytelling, the real-life sources behind the show, stories from behind the scenes, and much more.

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  1. What’s wrong with you guys. You couldn’t find an afghans. I see from away he is Indian. Please tons of Aghans in the the Bay Area.

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