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Cell Phone Photo and Video Tips for beginners | Photo and Video Tips for Florist

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Sharing some basic cell phone photo and video tips for beginners today. These are some really basic run-through of tips to double-check before you snap photos with your cell phone. Or you are creating video content with your cell phone. If you can get in the habit of checking them all, it will help you achieve success and save some time.

These tips today will come in handy when you want to use your cell phone camera to produce photo and video content for your social media marketing strategy. Once you are in the habit of using these tips, you will save time, and be able to post easily more frequently. Below I’m sharing an affiliate link for WeVideo. It’s the online cloud-based editing program I use. I like it because if you are creating video content on the go. You can actually create, record your video, and edit the whole thing using your Cell Phone. Or you can upload it so you can edit on a computer anywhere you have access to the internet.

So if you are ready to start creating video for your social media marketing efforts, let’s get you started. The sooner you hit record, the sooner you’ll grow your business with video and photo. With the current online business trends. Using video marketing for your flower business is essential.

I’m Frank Blanchard AIFD, and I’m here to help you be successful with your flower business.

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  2. Because video and photo images for marketing are so important, I hope these tips can help some business owners.

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