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Change Color in just 1 Layer | Photoshop Tutorial 2021

This video will show you how easy Change Color in just 1 Layer.
This is a photoshop tutorial of 2021. The video is some kind of a Hack that everyone can use especially if they’re finding a way on how to change color in their photos.

In just 1 Layer you can definitely do it. Just follow the steps shown in the video and for sure you will be changing any colors in your photos in no time.

Here is my previous video, another step on how you can change color to anything using photoshop. Feel free to visit it after this video. For sure you will also enjoy the other videos I have created in my channel.

If you have any requests or questions I encourage you to kindly put them in the comment box below. I will make sure to answer everything and sometimes create a video about the question.

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Lets’s help this community grow!

Hope you’ll new things today from this video.

If you need help on the preset. Hit me up on the comment box below.

Let’s connect.

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*** The video is nothing compared to how Peter Mckinnon explains his videos or how Casey Neistat tells his stories. This is just me making a video and sharing what I have learned in my years of editing and doing photography.

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