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Cobra Kai: Peyton List on Season 3 SPOILERS and Fan Theories!

ET’s Ash Crossan chatted with ‘Cobra Kai’s Peyton List after season 3 dropped on Netflix. List discusses fan theories about season 4, her alliance with Kreese and the possibility of ‘The Next Karate Kid’ star Hilary Swank appearing on the show! All three seasons of ‘Cobra Kai’ are now streaming on Netflix.

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Annmarie Blanc

    Just for the record, Peyton was born April 6 1998! Did you know there is actually another Peyton List born in 1986! She starred in "Mad Men" and Fox's "Gotham", she played Poison Ivy! As a matter of fact there paths have crossed several times! I'M ANDY ANNMARIE'S HUSBAND AND I WROTE THIS POST NOT HER! Please direct all comments to me not Annmarie!


    Love Peyton character, I thought actually her and Miguel made the best couple from the start they hit it off and the play ground watching airplanes was a awesome touch. I hate how they turned her so dark in season 3 yet I get it because she takes care of her dying mother and is raising her brother. She lost Miguel the only good thing in her life right now we need her and Miguel back we need him to realize this before she is totally lost to Kreese. I am predicting Tory is Julie Pierce daughter I am hoping this is true because it means Sam vs Tory in the final both Karate legends are daughters we all want to root for let go girls!

  3. Simply ever

    I have loved all of the other movies she has been in bunked diary of the wimpy kid and Jessie i know she has been in more but these are my Maines and I love kobra kai to

  4. Kristóf Jakab

    I started watching this series a day before I had to do a presentation, but I still watched the whole 3 seasons in one go and managed to make a really good presentation. One of the best shows ever.

  5. Brian Pearson

    I think Julie be ur big sister. When she realizes what tory was doing. She found tory in cobra kai. Julie knew cobra kai isn't for her sister. Forces her too leave. Tory wouldn't listen. She. Attacked Julie. Julie show her what real karate is. They apologize. Julie ran in to.Daniel. she didn't realized at first that miyagi taught daniel also. They respected each other and they got along and they started training together in miyagi do. And maybe Tori and Sam will get over their drama about Miguel. become friends. And hopefully sam stay away from cheerleaders. Sam realize Alicia was always her real friend. Not cheerleaders.

  6. Notorious MiGZ

    Somewhere in the distance, all the way in the nightmares of Greg Heffley

    She's dating Chirac Gupta (Karan Brar)

  7. Subzero80

    The Tory vs. Sam rivalry is VERY similar to the Faith vs. Buffy rivalry of the late 90's! The producers of CK basically turned "Emma Ross" into "Faith Lehane"!

  8. Lily Wong

    I think Tory is more of a Mike Barnes. Totally psychotic.

  9. Standoratsu

    Tory and Miguel date*

    Greg heffley has joined the chat

  10. Raios Ephi

    That one shot Finale of the Christmas Party Fight did not live up to how the School Fight went. They better have more room, next time

  11. Ta'Quan Ford

    What if Peyton was on Power book 2 as Vincent's Daughter

  12. Abe Ascencio

    Some people know her from Cobra Kai. Some know her from Jesse and Bunk'd. I know her from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

  13. Aron G

    Reason Cobra Kai is so successful is because they treat the lore of the films with respect. Something that is lacking in many movies in recent years.

  14. Alyson R-H

    I wonder if Ali's 2 kids might show up in the picture in season 4 or later seasons.

  15. Robert Pitchardo

    Hilary Swank HAS TO BE included in CK somehow being that she's the one connection Daniel can have closest to Miyagi besides Chozen.

  16. Jack Klein

    If any of these theories are true I think the best shot is Tory is Mike Barnes daughter and he abandoned her simply because it just would make more sense

  17. I think that "Julie" will be Tory's Aunt. Julie would be overseas for the Marines and comes back when her sister takes a turn for the worst with her sickness. Introduce her in episode 4 cliffhanger and have her in Episodes 5 and 6, interacting with both Kreese and Daniel/Johnny and revealing that she was the next karate kid until she decided to leave town after Miyagi died. . Hillary i think could be available for that amount of time.

  18. Chris P Bacon

    Back in the 80s and 90s most movies were all about good vs evil, but these days they're making movies where we get to see everything from the antagonists perspective, like Maleficent and Joker. It's cool that they're doing this in Cobra Kai as well

  19. Joel Ocampo

    It might still be true, that Tori is the daughter of Terry Silver. Let’s see in Season 4…

  20. Joel Ocampo

    I’m glad there will be at least a Season 4. You Peyton are so much more mature than the character you play in Tori. And prettier. Nice to know you’re the good girl!

  21. Joseph Meza

    But seriously did Peyton have to play one of the bad guys

  22. Unam Ntondini

    Is anyone going to talk about the Chemistry between Tory and Robby.

  23. Paige Stammers

    The reason Kreese likes Tory is because she's a fighter, she's had to fight her whole life to stay on her own two feet just like he did, she was already a fighter before she walked into the cobra kai dojo.

  24. SALTER

    Tory is my favorite for sure with the new era.. bad ass and gorgeous is a great combination

  25. Asuna Chan

    I'm still a Peyton SIMP in this day & time. A Luv her w/ a PASSION!! 😊💕🇵🇭

  26. Liz

    Cobra kai is easily one of the best fighting teen shows that ive seen in a longgg time! Hope it lasts at least 6 seasons maybe even more possibly into their college years…

    P.s. for those who haven't seen cobra kai. Start from the original karate kid part 1, part 2 then part 3 then the next karate kid (next karate kid is on netflix), then watch cobra kai seasons 1, 2 then 3 (all 3 seasons are on netflix as of now).

  27. Liz

    Random theory: what if terry silver is the softer one and hes not the crazier one like they tried to make it seem like in karate kid part 3….

    Cuz terry kept telling kreese he owes him and remember in the flashbacks terry didnt wanna fight to the death…

    what if terry keeps saying that he owes kreese and realizes kreese games and then turns on kreese and helps "danny boy" out with johnny and chosen and julie comes too! That would be a epic showdown. ._.

  28. Liz

    Idk why but i feel it might be more likely for jessica from (karate kid lll) to be torys mom not julie… I mean we didn't see jessica that much in karate kid lll so we dont know that much about her…

    In my opinion Julie genuinely seems like she changed because of mr miyagi. Im still stuck on the theory and think that julie (hillary swank) will appear in cobra kai maybe season 4 or season 5 because she visits mr miyagis grave 🙁 and daniel sees her and they just get acquainted and talk about mr miyagi and maybe daniel introduces julie to amanda. Thats just me!

    but yeah (side note) i feel like alot of people had a feeling or knew johnny and daniel would team up eventually this season cuz kreese has to go….

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