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Coder #Developer #Gamer PROFITABLE Business Idea 2021 Passive Income USA #coder #programmer #shorts

Coders or Programmers and Gamers thinking of alternative career in Coding and software development or looking to Build Startup or Earn Online #shorts 🍃

💰Full List of 20 Business Ideas & 💵 It’s Corresponding Income Models –

1. Build your own Software. SaaS is the trendiest business model. This can be web browser based, mobile applications, desktop applications, API libraries etc : ANNUAL PACKAGE DEAL OR ONE TIME PREMIUM PURCHASE PROFIT ON EACH TIME IT SELLS

2. Start a one stop platform for website development, app development, website hosting : PROFESSIONAL FEES

3. Domain reseller : PROFIT

4. Provide IT consultation services for big corporates, startups brands and agencies : ONE TIME PREMIUM CONSULTATION FEES

5. Build a high quality niche of UX service providing : PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FEES

6. Become a platform that provides secure Database Management Services for companies : PREMIUM SERVICE FEES

7. Start your own Tech Blogs (covering latest updates, tricks, hacks, methods etc) : AD REVENUES AND AFFILIATE COMMISSION

8. Become a technology trainer, online course provider and tutor : SESSION CHARGES OR MONTHLY FEES

9. Start your own 3D printing business : PRODUCT SALE REVENUES

10. Develop, theme based Games and Sell it : DOWNLOAD FEES

11. Gaming Training Center : Train People to Develop Video Games : TRAINING COURSE

12. Game Rental Service Business : RENTALS

13. Gaming Accessories Store (Online or Offline) : PER UNIT SOLD PROFITS

14. Gaming Tutorial Channel : COURSE FEES

15. Start your own Gaming lounge : TICKET FEES

16. Gaming Mentoring Platform : HOURLY FEES OR SALARY

17. Gaming Consultant : CONSULTING SERVICES

18. Come up with Your own App : You can do this for finance, communication, entertainment, bookings, medical anything you like : STARTUP AND RAISE VC CAPITAL AND PROFITS

19. Podcast : AD REVENUES

20. Author E Book : ROYALTY MONEY

21. Tech Rentals Provider to co-working spaces, offices, startups etc : RENTALS

💻 Coder Merch Link

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🃏Gamer’s Merch 🪡

🌻Who Can Start the businesses aforementioned :

1. Computer Engineers
2. Self taught Developers
3. Coder at the beginning of thier career
4. Programmers with proper understanding of language
5. Tech StartUp Enthusiasts

Each of these Online businesses have the potential to be High Paying second Income, One can start from a small office or Work From Home parallel on one or multiple of these projects. Most Millionaires make money due to being able to have multiple sources of income. Each of these business ideas has the potential to become a successful revenue generating StartUp if rightly executed. We will be coming with proven execution Tips, Tricks & Strategies applicable for any or all types of businesses. If you are interested you can subscribe to the channel.

*If you are going to explore any of the said Ideas; Please hit a Like on this Video*

#developer #programmer #onlinebusiness2021USA #workfromanywhere

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