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Colorful Text Effect in Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial – Free Download

Hey Everyone,
In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will learn how to create a Colorful Text Effect in Photoshop using some really easy steps. its gonna be a super simple yet very useful tutorial and I hope you will learn something new today. This tutorial will also cover topics like how to use layer styles in photoshop, how to use gradients in photoshop, handlettering effect in photoshop and more!

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  1. wow, not only did I create something of worth, but you unintentionally showed me how to fix something I wasnt able to for the past 6 hours.. much love man thank you

  2. hey bro can you help with a pic if i want? is it ok that u can make word on photo shop for me and then i download it if u can do something like that i would be much appreciated if u can do this word ( Dark Phoenix ) in colors etc. on photoshop pls and put link to download it thx in advance

  3. The final effect looks great but there were SO many last minute alterations – "let's go with a nice blue, no black, no purple is better, yes purple, no a different purple" For viewers to keep up with you, next time please say what you're changing and what number you've decided to go with because looking at the screen trying to follow along a scattered trail is just ridiculous. Clear, concise instructions are always best!

  4. Hi sorry this may sound really nooby but how come my Ctrl + Del isnt working?? Id really like to follow but i cant even get past changing the wall from white

  5. Why is your Absolute font in the video looking different to mine, which I downloaded from the link in the description? Its nice too, but your font looks a bit nicer.. help please

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