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Colton Underwood REACTS to Billy Eichner’s Resurfaced Comments About Being ‘First Gay Bachelor’

On Wednesday, Billy Eichner’s 2019 cameo during Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ went viral after the 28-year-old reality star came out as gay on ‘Good Morning America.’ In the clip from the ABC dating show, Eichner teased, ‘I’m gay, I know that’s a shock, Colton. And that, I think you should look into.’ He added, ‘Maybe you’re the first gay Bachelor and we don’t even know.’ After the cameo made its rounds on the internet, the ‘Billy on the Street’ star posted it on Instagram, where Colton responded and Billy replied, sending his continued support. Meanwhile, multiple outlets are reporting that Colton is set to star in an unscripted Netflix series, centered around living his life publicly as a gay man.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Julie Diana

    Why am I always attracted to the gay guys? First lance bass now this ugh smh

  2. Amira K

    Soooooo can we talk about him stalking Cassie?

  3. Alan 17-28

    With all due respect, I'm straight, but looking at this clip, Colton's behavior after Billy said "the first gay bachelor" is giving an indication that he's hiding his sexuality. I've been said like that before (someone said I'm probably gay), but my reaction is not awkward like that. Usually when a straight people been asked if they're gay, they just kinda take it cool and just follow the flow with the jokes. Just sayin. But yeah, happy for Colton.


    Is he a stalker and also a thief? Cassie Rudolf and Philipp Hebestreit know the evil side of Underwood.

    Colton Underwood didn't come very far as a football player. Therefore, he tried early to create a second mainstay in the media business. Since 2018 he has appeared as a “virgin” man in public. Philipp Hebestreit from Germany (obviously represented by Workhouse PR New York) became famous around the world as a Virgin Bachelor in 2008. In 2017, his agent contacted the PR agency Fischer und Appelt (New York / good contacts to ABC) and reported Hebestreit's request to start in the USA in 2018 to promte his book there. He was a virgin by conviction, despite his good looks. Suddenly Underwood appeared the next year, who, despite of some former relationships, suddenly sold himself as a “virgin” at the ABC format Bachelor. Then the Art magazine Los Angeles reported in 2019 about Hebestreit's plan to publish a book and suddenly Underwood also published a book in the same year. Fans smacked on youtube that Underwood would steal ideas from Hebestreit and would have simply hired a ghostwriter to prevent Hebestreit. Underwood would steal any subject that is possible.

    In 2020 he won't stop at his ex Cassie Rudolf either. He wants to cannibalize their separation in the media and abuse them for a new book. In addition, he nibbles Cassie to have more material for his book and also to blame her as an unfaithful woman. He poses as a victim but is a stalker. Cassie Randolph is making numerous claims about ex Colton Underwood, including that he planted a tracking device on her car. She further claims her ex has additionally turned up at her parents' house in Huntington Beach uninvited. On one occasion, Underwood allegedly loitered in the alley outside her bedroom window of her parents' home at 2 a.m., she claims in the filing. Cassie has now placed an temporary restraining order against Underwood. In various forums one could also read that Colton was not a “virgin” at the time of ABC Bachelor. Now this psychopath goes as far as to sell himself as gay. Disgusting. Finally lock him up this criminal

    It is time to discover who Colton Underwood really is. ..

  5. Sali Peterson

    Who gives a flying F? Sociopathic narcissist who harrassed his ex and terrified her.
    Plus, you went on the Bachelor KNOWING you were gay…messing with those women.
    Go away. Shame on Netflix.

  6. Emmet Stone

    I bet he already has a special someone but doesn’t want to reveal who he is until later 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Kimberly

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  8. To Be Honest

    oh please

    this was all made for TV
    he knew all along ….now comes the new show

  9. 年世蘭

    Omg people are so tolerant of gays. Hurting 25 women, cheating all bachelor fans, stalking Cassie… All of these are immediately forgotten in the moment he came out. “He must have suffered a lot.” “He is so brave to admit it” Excuse me? He had wasted everyone's time and emotions to figure out 「who he is」. OK next time if I did something wrong, I would come out too.

  10. Kate Lauderback

    BIP: When Tia asked if he could say that he tried, Colton said, "I could look at you 100% certain and say that. I tried. I gave it my all… I just know what you deserve and I can't give it to you."

  11. monica gowiebrowb

    Coulton is manipulative he was aware of what he was doing
    This is a timely scripted movie being played out from Becka's season up until last Monday morning on gma
    He planned it for his financial gain

  12. Paint the World

    Gay men be aware and be careful, think again if you want to date this guy

  13. Jimmy

    This is Colton's excuse why Cassie dumped his A S S . What a POS

  14. kai GAGA

    I do not need a Netflix reality show from him. What I'm looking for is for Colton to be re-casted as the bachelor with all gay contestants. That would be everything

  15. SWS-Vlogs

    Colton, . . . we always knew you waz Gay bro. It's Kool!

  16. betty litchfield

    Colton is a fraud. Now wonder how much money is is being paid for interviews. I could Cate less of his sexual preference. But he makes me sick playing it out to the world. He is a damn good looking man. And with the money he is making will be a great catch for any man.

  17. Danny Crafts

    I speak for most of the gay community when I say we don’t need this Netflix series. More support and exposure for POC and non-binary folks please

  18. Snarky Charlie's

    Poor Colton, it's gonna be harder for him to put tracking devices on cars and creep outside windows at 2am with a whole camera crew following him.

  19. sai sahithi

    What will be his Netflix show content??? I don't understand

  20. Bye Felicia

    Next news story will be Billy and Colton dating. Its pretty obvious that they’re throwing themselves at each other.

  21. Janet P

    Still seeking fame Colton , that’s all I see

  22. kjdnyhmghfvb

    So…The Alpha was in that season AHS…he just didn't know it.

  23. valeria g

    It’s great that he is now happy enough with himself to come out BUT we cannot forget that he committed a crime, he stalked Cassie Randolph and texted her like some A from pretty little liars shit. He NEEDS to publicly acknowledge how wrong he was in doing this so other people can learn like I am now sure he has learned❤️

  24. Jessica LT

    I hope he doesn’t answer many more questions because it’s no one’s business. If he wants to that’s fine but no need to share with the various gossip mags. If he does do a show, make it respectful and not like the stereotypical behaviors seen on other shows.

  25. Nelly

    Why are the cutest guys always gay?

  26. PBWK

    Billy is in ready mode.

  27. Doctor DL

    Cause it's always about Billy, let's talk about how he completely threw Colton under the bus.

  28. Pinkie Love

    being underwood was a big hint lmao rotglmao 😂🤣😇😂🤣😭

  29. aphung7

    Omgosh they should do a love is blind gay bachelor situation for colton!! 💓💖💞♥️💕❤️😅 But the tough thing about a gay bachelor concepts is the contestants could fall for each other if they met 🙄😑 so it would definitely be complicated to produce ☹️ but I'd apply in a heartbeat! 😆

  30. Belle

    Yeap, He called it!And Omgoodness now we have a reality show about his personal life ….it won’t be for the 8 pm set on national TV.What sorta Christian Church was he raised in, is there no privacy in your personal life.We don’t need to know who you do your personal stuff with.Whats next a sex tape.This guy is a hot mess.I felt sorry for the girls on his season.Now I feel sorry for any guy he gets involved with.

  31. Skinniest Kween

    Poor Colton must've been trembling on the inside. I'm happy he's finally living his truth. ❤️

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