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Combine Photography and Art, Photoshop Tutorial + Behind The Scenes

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, If you decide to use this technique, please tag me in your images, I would love tho see them.
If you would like to experiment with some of the images I took, here is a Dropbox file with Raws you can use:

Last weeks video :

My skin retouch tutorial :

Inspiration for this shoot :

Links to Creative Commons Art :

The MET :!?material=Paintings&showOnly=withImage%7CopenAccess&perPage=20&offset=0&sortBy=Relevance&sortOrder=asc&searchField=All&pageSize=0

Gear :
Canon EOS R + Canon 50mm 1.2 RF

Kate Backdrop Red Collapsible : (affiliate link)
Use Code “Irene10” for 10% off discount on the backdrop

Aputure 120D : (affiliate link)

My KelbyOne Courses :

These courses are available for “Pro Members” only

Music : (affiliate link)

My info
Subreddit :
Twitter @irene_rudnyk
Personal Insta : @irenerudnyk
email :

Timestamps :
Intro 0:00
BTS 1:58
Photoshop tutorial 3:47

#withme #stayhome

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  1. Irene, you are an incredible artist! For people like you, gear doesn't matter one bit. I am glad to see you stuck with Canon, though.

  2. How would you recommend starting off with portrait photography? Would you practice with friends and such? Most of my friends are guys and are not really “model” material, but it can’t hurt to get practice in ?

  3. Irene your channel is SO dope, not only your photography is great but the tutorials are very interesting and amazing, and people usually charge for tutorials of less quality than anything I see on your channel. Just amazing. Thank you for contributing to the community the way you do 🙂

  4. Ирина!Это прекрасное создание! Очень люблю Ваше творчество и Вы меня вдохновляете на поиски лучшего во мне) Спасибо!!!❤️

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