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Create your own PAINTING BRUSHES – Photoshop Tutorial

I have been wanting to get better at pure painting so I decided to try to make my own paint brush that can aid me and make the painting process more enjoyable.

In this video I show you step by step how you can make a textured paint brush in Photoshop. I also paint a quick background to demonstrate the brush.

Create your own PAINTING BRUSHES – Photoshop Tutorial

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  1. this tutorial was absolutely calming and very helpful. i've always used photoshop just for my graphic design but i ventured into digital art a few months ago and only stuck mostly to using the basic and slow brushes. thank you for this!!

  2. Hi, when I use my paint brush tool, painting different colours on top of each other leaves the top colour with a shadowy 3D style, how do you stop this?

  3. hello, thank you very much for the tutorial! it really helped me to create my own though i think it wasnt really that great, but the sense of achievement and knowing i made this my own is there yknow.. hehe but one more thing, how do u paint around the clouds and hills freely without it going outside the blue background? is there any tricks? thank u!

  4. Thank you for posting this. Amazing content and your method of presentation with your laid-back kind of voice it's fun to watch while very informative. Thanks again.

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