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Current Passive Income Ideas 2021

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  2. Yaa Boatengmaa

    Real talk my brother don’t think 🤔 u are young tu make money 💴 be a self made in life stop depend on someone la hustle Crate job by yourself good information

  3. Yaa Boatengmaa

    Me too I’m also watching you from Asia Saudi Arabia Every mistake is a new style in life let’s move on guys let’s support our brother scribe is a good idea nice story he’s telling us what life is always you will end up my Respect

  4. Tamba Isaiah

    Bro this video need part two, you can't be doing this kind of videos, without your fans, it should be live so that you can be able to take some questions, also answer some of them, I hope you get my point?
    Before doing part two you should inform us, so that we can be at the wait, also be on the live video.
    Thank you for your understanding.

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